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Do Small Business Owners Take Less Time Off?

Joseph Patterson | May 2, 2018
2018 national small business week

Vacations and sick days are rare for some

Have you ever walked into a new, locally owned coffee shop or restaurant and found yourself amazed by how incredibly hard the owners must have worked to get it up and running? Have you ever purchased a product from a small online business and felt proud knowing you helped support an up-and-coming company with a mission you align with? Without a doubt, small business owners put a lot into their jobs. Some sacrifice even more. Some forget to track time for themselves, not realizing how much of their days are being placed into their businesses. 

14 percent of small business owners say they only take vacations every few years

Among of the many reasons we celebrate National Small Business Week in our country is the hard work and long hours small business owners dedicate to their businesses often go unnoticed or are underappreciated. Starting a small business requires a ton of sacrifice, but the ultimate goal is often the same — to have a place where a passion and skill meet a desire to enjoy the independence of working for one’s self. More often than not, the freedom and independence that come with owning a small business aren’t realized until the business has really taken off and some of the nitty-gritty tasks are trusted with employees. Perhaps that’s why vacation and sick days are rare for some small business owners. Small business owners are some of the hardest workers in the country, and in honor of Small Business Week, TSheets conducted a survey of individuals who own small businesses to find out exactly how often small business owners are able to take vacations or sick days.Fourteen percent of small business owners say they only take a vacation every two to three years. Half of them say they “rarely” or almost never take time off when they’re sick, and 62 percent say work keeps them up at night.TSheets loves small businesses, and we encourage our readers to support small businesses in their community while recognizing the sacrifices each small business owners makes for their dream.2018 national small business week
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