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The top 5 business resources for your tech toolbox

Joseph Patterson | May 15, 2019
If there’s one truth we know about business owners, it’s that they’re never bored. If they were, they’d have plenty of time to scour the web for tools that might help them market their business, track expenses, or finance their next venture. It’s safe to say there’s little time for that, though, let alone time to experiment with every tool that’s out there—even ones that have the potential to do all these things and more. So we made it easy. TSheets by QuickBooks partnered with Lendio, a company that specializes in helping small businesses connect with lenders, to create a business tech toolbox, with the goal of giving business owners the best options without the clutter. Rather than sorting through a plethora of tools that may or may not pan out, business owners can read about five time-saving tech solutions, all designed to improve the way business gets done. This tech toolbox has recommended solutions for five key business concerns:
  1. Legal services by LegalInc
  2. Financing by Lendio
  3. Expense tracking by Divvy
  4. Time tracking by TSheets
  5. Email marketing by SendGrid
But the toolbox doesn’t just tell businesses which resources are the best. It also recounts the ways in which technology, in general, can help solve the problems many business owners face—problems like cash flow, growth, and efficiency.
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