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What is Twitter?

Joseph Patterson | November 26, 2008

You might have noticed a lot of mentions of Twitter over the past few weeks here at TSheets.  Our very own Jen Harris is a heavy user of Twitter, along with Matt’s astounding 3,878 followers.  As I started talking with friends and family about Twitter, how to use it, and the multitude of applications that interface with Twitter, one question kept coming to the forefront: What is Twitter?

According to Twitter themselves, they are:

Twitter is a privately funded startup with offices in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Started as a side project in March of 2006, Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices.

In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to them and access information via Twitter as it happens—from breaking world news to updates from friends.

This more or less answers the question WHO is Twitter, but doesn’t exactly get down to the heart of the matter.

The way I like to describe Twitter is that it’s an Instant Messenger platform that’s open to the entire world to read/write to.  You can choose what you do and do not want to share with the world, and they likewise choose what they want to share.  Twitter is a great resource for crowd sourcing; gathering ideas and opinions on something that you might be working on.  Twitter is a way for you to keep in touch with those both close and not so close to you.  Twitter is a way to see the real world activities and inner workings of not just people, but companies as well.  Twitter is an instant way to share a link you’ve found with the world.  Twitter is the blog between the blogs.  Twitter is a way to find a job.  Twitter is a way to pay the bills.  Twitter is a way to interact with Shaq.

Twitter is the world’s largest open conversation.

Join the conversation today at Twitter.  If you’re looking for some great people to follow to get the show started:

Your friendly TSheets team:

  1. TSheets
  2. Matt Rissell
  3. Brandon Zehm
  4. AJ Stallones
  5. Jen Harris
  6. Brittany Menzel
  7. Dan Taylor

Top 10 people you should be following:

  1. TechCruch
  2. Scobelizer
  3. Jason Calacanis
  4. Guy Kawasaki
  5. Ryan Carson
  6. 1938Media
  7. Kevin Rose
  8. Leah Culver
  9. Gary Vee
  10. Ijustine

Send me an @ if you’ve joined the conversation!

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