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Why TSheets Is a Great Fit for Nonprofits

Joseph Patterson | May 24, 2018
time tracking for nonprofits

Go out and save the world — we’ll handle the timesheets

 Even before I started working for TSheets last October, I’d already developed an idea of what the company stood for on a community level. Their reputation for caring and giving back preceded them, thanks to events like the annual company-hosted 5K and Matt Rissell’s participation in Dancing With the Stars of the Treasure Valley, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Therefore, I was only a little surprised — and a lot grateful — when TSheets agreed to donate over 400,000 air miles to a cause close to my heart, as part of Make-A-Wish Idaho’s Wishes in Flight campaign. That’s just the kind of place this is. When TSheets officially joined the Intuit family in January, that community mindset only grew. Intuit has an initiative that supports employee giving, matching every donation, up to $5,000 per employee, per fiscal year. Intuit also gives employees 32 hours of PTO a year to spend on volunteering.Here’s a picture of our TSheeters on the clock, cycling to break the cycle of child abuse this spring.And even more TSheeters in the kitchen at the Boise Ronald McDonald House!But beyond being a company that gives back on an employee level, why might TSheets be a great fit for nonprofits seeking a time tracking solution? 

Time tracking for a cause

Did you know TSheets actively serves over 1,070 nonprofit clients already? From humane societies to wilderness conservation leagues to foundations for medical research and more, these amazing organizations and their users are tracking their time in TSheets.Just what are they doing with all that time? We thought we’d ask them. So we searched our client lists to find a couple nonprofits, and we gave them a call. Here’s what they said.[caption id="attachment_28164" align="aligncenter" width="646"] A small portion of one nonprofit’s time log. You can see they’re in the process of applying for grants and taking care of business as usual![/caption]

Boys & Girls Club of Topeka, Kansas

The mission of the Boys & Girls Club is “to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” The Boys & Girls Club works non-stop to provide “a safe place [for children] to learn, play, and grow” with help from community mentors and enriching programs.The Boys & Girls Club of Topeka has 10 locations with 120 employees during the off-season and 175 during peak seasons. With so many people in different places, they needed a time tracking solution that would work everywhere their employees did. “In our Adams Club location, we use a kiosk,” said Kalika Neal, CFO. “We also have locations in schools, and since we don’t really have control over the internet there, we allow our employees to use the mobile app to clock in and clock out. Then our full-time employees log in through the computer. We used to use paper timesheets ... but what we found was that our payroll would take days to complete, so I started researching ways for us to more quickly and easily have our employees clock in. … I fell on TSheets and loved it. We’ve been using it ever since.” But for the Boys & Girls Club of Topeka, TSheets isn’t just a tool for clocking time. “One feature that we use is the report that gives you a print-out of everyone who missed their clock-out time — either because they were too early or too late. Obviously, for financial reasons, that makes a big difference for me,” said Neal. “All of our club directors also use the scheduling feature, and all of our employees have the mobile app so they can log on and see what their schedules are.”Neal has already recommended TSheets to a couple of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Kansas. “A lot of them are using outdated systems, and nonprofits are notoriously understaffed, so any way they can speed up their processes is worth it,” she said. 

United Way of Ross County, Ohio

The mission of United Way is to “[improve] lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good.” United Way serves nearly 1,800 communities around the globe, finding “community-led solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life: education, financial stability, and health.”Kathy Murphy is the office manager of Ross County’s United Way. While her office only has six employees, she says they’ve experienced a tremendous amount of value from using TSheets. When an employee is at a location, whether it’s a one-time fundraiser or an annual campaign, the employee is able to clock in using that particular job code, in tandem with whatever role they’re doing at the event. “That way, when we’re tracking time, we can figure out who’s doing what — whether it’s a fundraising expense, an administrative expense, or a program expense,” Murphy said. When asked why she likes TSheets, Murphy replied “I like TSheets because it does a direct interface with QuickBooks, and QuickBooks is where we do our payroll. It transmits over there so nicely and produces the paychecks, does all the deductions, and it’ll do the liability features where you have to do your tax deposits. It’s just an easier way of doing payroll instead of doing it manually, and it tracks vacations, sick time, paid time off — it’s just wonderful.”As for specific features, Murphy said she loves the GPS location tracking that TSheets offers because it makes it easy to see where employees are throughout the day — a handy tool when employees are going offsite for those fundraising events! She also appreciates the down-to-the-minute accuracy TSheets offers. No more estimating clock-in times or how much time was spent on a certain project after the fact.“Another one of our agencies is having issues with timesheets and keeping track of payroll and their tax liabilities. We’re trying to talk them into getting TSheets because they use QuickBooks as their bookkeeping,” she said. “I told them it’s just so much easier to do it this way, because then you have actual hours for each employee, you know where that employee was, what job they did, how much time they spent on this job or at this place, and it makes it better for you when you go to report for grants and stuff, because you know how much time you’ve dedicated to each program. I would recommend it. I wish we’d done it a long time ago.” 

Save time, save money, save the day with TSheets

TSheets is proud to offer nonprofits 20 percent off their month-to-month subscriptions. With a broad range of features designed to make it easier than ever to run payroll and stay organized, TSheets by QuickBooks is more than a time tracking solution — it’s a time-saving solution! As a busy nonprofit, you’ve got bigger items on your to-do list than dealing with paper timesheets. So go out and save the world, and leave the time tracking to us. 

Nonprofits get 20% off monthly TSheets subscriptions. Start tracking time and accessing reports your nonprofit needs to thrive.

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