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Myranda Mondry|September 7, 2018

Cash or Check? How You Pay Employees Makes a Difference

How do your employees prefer to be paid?Over the course of National Payroll Week 2018, we’ve determined that employees really love being paid — even more than they love Christmas. For many employees, payday means paying off debt. We also know that paying employees the correct amount, on time, is extremely important to both their […]

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Joseph Patterson|September 6, 2018

Late Paydays Put Employees (and Employers) at Risk

Gone are the days of trading livestock for two bags of grain and a bushel of apples, then carrying the whole load home on foot. Imagine how happy our ancestors would have been if they’d had the apps and technology for near-effortless payments and transfers we use today. A quick push of a button and […]

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Joseph Patterson|September 4, 2018

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Leaves No Room for Payroll Errors

The importance of getting payroll right every timeIn May, the United Nations issued a report to the Human Rights Council on poverty in the United States. Based on extensive research by Special Reporter Philip Alston conducted in December of last year, the mission found that around “40 million U.S. citizens live in poverty, 18.5 million […]

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