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Katherine McBeth|January 2, 2020

Why all businesses should track employee time in 2020

Workers tracked over 944.8 million hours in TSheets in 2019.* That’s over 3.4 trillion seconds! Consider our minds blown. As we leap into the new year, new research and a new law are proving that tracking time is more important than ever. Small business owners everywhere will need to consider how they will keep up. Our suggestion? If […]

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Joseph Patterson|June 12, 2019

What is the EU time tracking law? Information for business owners

If you’re new to this whole time tracking thing, take it from an expert: Time tracking doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can benefit everyone involved—employers and employees alike.On May 14, 2019, the European Union’s highest court ruled that all employers must track their employees’ working hours. Previously, employers were only required to […]

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Dorothy Chong|June 11, 2019

Wage theft and exploitation still plague employees in Europe

The EU’s latest time tracking ruling serves as an opportune reminder A recent survey by TSheets of more than 3,500 working adults in Spain and Germany revealed that employees continue to fall victim to wage theft, adding weight and reason to the EU’s recent time tracking ruling. The recent mandate, in short, requires employers to […]

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Melissa Phy|June 5, 2019

New law says wage theft is a felony for Colorado employers

Colorado has taken the lead in the fight to end wage theft in the United States. A new state law has passed that could better protect employees’ income and keep employers accountable.Once a misdemeanor, wage theft will now be classified as a felony, according to new legislation pushed through on May 16. The Human Right […]

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Joseph Patterson|March 1, 2019

Employees tracked 845 million hours in 2018—time to show ‘em some love

Employee Appreciation Day, here in the U.S., is always the first Friday in March (also known as the perfect opportunity to gift everyone a three-day weekend, amiright?).While still an unofficial holiday, Employee Appreciation Day got its start years ago. Dr. Bob Nelson, author and motivational speaker, is credited with its creation. And like Valentine’s Day, […]

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Myranda Mondry|August 13, 2018

Combating Data and Battery Drain in the Age of the Smartphone

“We know everything, but we’re not a lick smarter! We just know. You don’t know something? Wait two seconds, you will know … The time between knowing and not knowing is so brief — knowing feels exactly like not knowing … There was a time, if you didn’t know where Tom Petty was from, you […]

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Joseph Patterson|May 10, 2018

Announcing the *New* TSheets Pay Rate Engine

Running payroll can be complicated — save money and time with our advanced overtime settingsAs a busy business owner or bookkeeper, you have better things to do than spend hours running payroll and calculating overtime. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate the process and reduce the time you spend making manual corrections to […]

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Joseph Patterson|April 6, 2018

You Asked, We Delivered — Attach Photos Now!

*New* Add photos to timesheets with the touch of a buttonWe love releasing new features, especially ones that have been a long time coming. But even when we have a feature we can’t wait to get out, it’s important to us that we vet it fully to make sure the feature we release is the […]

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Myranda Mondry|March 29, 2018

How Much Time and Money Does TSheets Actually Save?

We say it all the time, “TSheets saves you time and money!” But exactly how much?To get to the bottom of things, we surveyed 924 businesses that use TSheets for time tracking, payroll, and/or invoicing. Here’s what we found.TSheets saves, on average, 6 percent on payroll costs*Tracking employee hours with TSheets means you only pay […]

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Joseph Patterson|November 3, 2017

Everyone Should Track Their Time. Yes, Even Salaried Employees

Everyone has that runner friend who takes their hobby very seriously. You know the type: the work-out-daily, rain-or-shine, power-through-the-pain runner who spends their vacation time on marathons and considers sprinting uphill a “fun challenge.”Then there are those friends who are a tad less intense about their running. They’re not out to break any records. They’re […]

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