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The Great Debate: Paper Timesheets Vs. Mobile Time Tracking

Myranda Mondry | January 4, 2017
Not to brag, but as ballers in the time tracking industry, we have more than a few celebrity connections. Which is why we're bringing you an exclusive debate between two of the major players in the employee time tracking arena: Paper “Scribbles” Timesheets versus Mobile “Moby” Time Tracking. It's no secret that there's more than a little bad blood between these two popular forms of time tracking. It's old school versus the new kid on the block, paper versus cloud. And in today's debate, we'll get to the heart of the deadlock. Our moderator for this debate is the illustrious Father Time, who has managed to carve a few minutes out of his very busy schedule. We’d like to thank all our participants for joining us today, but without further ado, let's begin.Father Time: <chuckles> Oh no, I have all the time in the world. Really. But let's get started. Moby, Scribbles, many of our audience members know you personally. But let's have an introduction from each of you.
Scribbles: I'll go first. After all, I was here first. Tracking time before this yahoo, Mobile Time Tracking, was still a twinkle in some nerd's eye. I'm paper time tracking. I get the job done. Tried and true, that's me.
Father Time: Let's keep this civil, folks. We're just getting started. Moby?
Moby: Hey, everyone. I'm Mobile Time Tracking. And it's true — I'm new. But not that new. I've been around for more than 10 years now. I make payroll faster and much more efficient by eliminating manual entry from payroll. Employees enter their hours in real time with just a click, using the devices they already have with them — like a phone, computer, or tablet. And then those hours flow directly into payroll and accounting software programs.
Scribbles: <snorts> Sounds complicated.

Moby: It's actually super simple. If you can send a text message, you can track time.

Father Time: Let's move along to our first question. Moby, we'll start with you. Why are you the best choice for business owners to track employee time?
Moby: Well, I'm flexible and efficient, and I'm always innovating. And that's what business owners really need: Flexibility, innovation, and efficiency. It's a fast-paced business world out there. And paper just doesn't make the cut. No offense, Scribbles, but paper is slow and inefficient. There's no innovation possible, and it's way too easy to make mistakes during all the hours of manual entry that's required on the back end. Plus, I go anywhere. If employees are in the field or on a jobsite, they don't have to bring a piece of paper along for the ride that could get lost or forgotten. They just bring their phone.
Scribbles: Phone shmone. Everybody knows me! Everybody loves me! You think I don't rub shoulders with the bigwigs? Because I do. Paper is the lifeblood of corporate America.
Moby: Not anymore. It's true that a lot of business owners still use paper and spreadsheets, but it's also a dying trend. Once people find cloud-based, flexible time tracking, they don't turn back.

Scribbles: Whatever. He's got his head in the cloud.

Father Time: Now, now. Let's move along to our next question. How much do you cost?
Scribbles: Free! Free! I'm basically free. Hah! Take that, Mobile Time Tracking. Free templates for paper timesheets are everywhere. And paper is as cheap as it gets!
Moby: Not so fast. Paper might be cheap, but it’s hard to read and high maintenance. The hours it takes to run payroll, and the labor disputes and padded timesheets, can get pretty expensive. Take a look at this payback calculator if you want to see the true cost of tracking time with paper. A good mobile time tracking app like TSheets is money-saving tool — not an expense — when you see it in context.
Scribbles: Who are you calling high maintenance?! Everyone loves me!

Father Time: We only have time for one more question. How accurate are you? Moby?

Moby: Mobile Time Tracking is accurate to the second. It doesn't rely on memory, or guesswork, or "I'll put down eight hours, because trying to do math on the fly is hard." Not to mention, it comes with a log of all timesheet changes, edits, and entries in case any disputes or questions do arise.

Scribbles: I'm accurate … ish.

Moby: The last paper timesheet I saw had a ketchup stain. Sorry, Scribbles. Your work is messy and inaccurate.
Scribbles: Why I oughta … How dare you?! I'll cut him! I'll do it!
Father Time: Security!
TSheets: <sighs> Oh, Scribbles. He can be such a mess. Amirite, Father Time?
Father Time: <nods> It'll be hours before he's sorted out. Per usual.
And there you have it! The choice is yours when it comes to how you'll keep your time, but in our totally biased opinion, we recommend accuracy, innovation, and efficiency. Why? Because our tagline isn't "We <3 Employees" for nothing!When it comes to paper timesheets versus mobile time tracking, the debate isn't personal. Mobile time tracking is simply the best way to run your business and manage your most important resource: time.
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