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Easily and Accurately Track Employee Time and Attendance with TSheets

Myranda Mondry | January 1, 1970
There's no doubt about it, small businesses need quality software to track employee time and attendance. In the past, time and attendance was tracked by archaic wall-mounted time clocks or paper time sheets. But these methods are inaccurate and time-consuming — costing business owners unnecessary time and money on payroll costs each year. Fortunately, in recent years, these outdated methods have been replaced by electronic time tracking solutions that increase accuracy and allow for accurate and easy mobile time tracking.

What Are The Benefits of Time and Attendance Tracking Software?

With automated, web-based time and attendance tracking software, paper timesheets and manual time cards become a thing of the past. No more estimated, handwritten timesheets, and no more wasted time on payroll. Your bookkeeper won't have to squander precious hours tracking down and deciphering employee time cards, and you won't have to worry about expensive payroll mistakes as a result of human error. Managers can approve and submit time for payroll in mere minutes, allowing them to spend more time on more important tasks — like running your business. And because employee time data is stored safely and securely in the cloud, it's always there when you need it — shielding you from potential wage and hour lawsuits and providing valuable business insight. Plus, time and attendance tracking software helps to eliminate time theft — ensuring you only pay for time actually worked.

Will Time and Attendance Software Really Help Me?

Whether you're an individual interested in spending your time more wisely, or an employer looking to make your company more profitable, using some kind of time and attendance software is a necessity. Having an accurate time tracking system is an invaluable asset to both your company and your personal life. Many employers assume that time and attendance tracking software will be too expensive, so they revert to inaccurate time tracking systems like Excel spreadsheets and paper time cards. Unfortunately, these employers don’t take into account the sheer amount of money they're losing due to traditional rounding methods, nor the amount of money they're wasting on the extra time it takes to collect, compile, and calculate their employees’ time. Addressing these two problems alone have the potential of saving thousands of dollars every year.

Ready to save time and money with an accurate and easy-to-use time and attendance tracking software?

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