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Why Bookkeepers & CPA’s are Choosing Hands-Free Payroll in 2015 (QBFSP Announcement)

Myranda Mondry | January 1, 1970
If you made a new years resolution for payroll that’s accurate and hassle-free (and who wouldn’t), it’s now possible. With the new integration between QuickBooks Full Service Payroll and TSheets (the first and only integrated time tracker), bookkeepers and CPA’s can now eliminate data entry so employee hours go directly from online timesheets to payroll.Oh the hassle of payroll...What once consumed hours in a week - from collecting and deciphering time cards, to entering them by hand for payroll, to separating regular, overtime and PTO, calculating withholdings and paying taxes (WHEW!) - can now be narrowed down to few simple steps in just a few minutes. Accurate hours to accurate paychecks.Its easy to get started. First, simply track employee time via online or mobile devices and “approve” those times in TSheets. Second, “sync” those employee hours intoQuickBooks Full Service Payroll. Third, review and “submit” and let the QuickBooks Full Service Payroll team process payroll and file and pay your clients’ payroll taxes. Your clients keep the payroll money until it’s due and when it comes to taxes, Intuit guarantees their accuracy. Three easy steps; no paper time cards or data entry required.Save some dough.How is that possible, you may wonder, to save money by automating timesheets and outsourcing payroll? It turns out that data entry is the primary culprit for payroll errors, and the time and inaccuracies of data entry can constitute up to 8% of a business’ payroll expenses. E.g. if a business spends $100,000 per year on payroll; they could be saving and putting $8000 of the combined time and money to a better use. Wage item detail for job costing.Since TSheets tracks time with wage item detail, employee hours auto-populate into QuickBooks Full Service Payroll with the labor detail you need for job costing. After payroll is processed, automatically sync the hours from QuickBooks Full Service Payroll into whatever version of QuickBooks you use. Now you have the class tracking details you want and need at your fingertips for job costing and reporting; yep - now you can have your cake and eat it, too. From hours of time to mere minutes spent on your clients’ payroll, it’s accurate, easy, and a financial no-brainer. Sign up for a free trial of TSheets and QuickBooks Full Service Payroll to start hands-free payroll, today.
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