Use Windows and Blackberry phones to clock in

TSheets Touch for Smartphones

The touchscreen web app for smartphone users

Windows 8 and Blackberry users we’ve heard you ask “TSheets web optimized app, wherefore art thou?!” We take thee at thy word, and are happy to say we have a web app just for thee! For Android, iPhone and Windows 8 users, you can clock in and out with a simple touch using your phone browser – no add-on’s to install or apps to download. TSheets touch is simply a “website” optimized for your smartphone and it’s on the web and ready to use.

More on Using TSheets Touch, for all you Smartphone Lovebirds

Track Time and Even GPS

On-the-go accurate time and location tracking

Like our smartphone apps for Android and iPhone, TSheets Touch accurately tracks time and location for employees while on the clock. Simply use the web-optimized time card to clock into a project, and GPS location will be tracked from the time an employee clocks in until the time they clock out.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking, for Employers and Employees.

Track time card GPS locations from your smartphone
Accurately track your employees' time even if they forget to clock in

Clocking Multiple Employees In and Out

Clock employees in from the Who’s Working screen in TSheets Touch

If you’re a supervisor and would like to clock employees in and out from your smartphone, then this feature is for you! Simply login as an administrator (or a user that has permission to manage other timesheets) from your web browser, then click a user from the Who’s Working List to clock in, change job codes, or add notes, and exit when done.

Internet Required

Yep, like your web browser, TSheets Touch requires the Internet

We strive to be perfect, yet the truth is the great benefits of TSheets Touch do require access to Internet. While our TSheets App for Android and iPhone are able to track time and location regardless of cell (and Internet) service, TSheets Touch does need to have to internet accessibility.

Go Ahead, Give It a Shot

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