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Put the time tracking power in the crew manager's hands

Are you or your crew supervisors tired of handling illegible or inaccurate employee time cards? Tracking time, switching employees to different projects, keeping track of who is on break, who left early, and more? Welcome to the easy life of the TSheets time tracking app and its Crew function, the only online time card designed with the crew manager, the crew, and the smartphone user in mind.

Whether your is a construction crew, a flight crew, or a fleet of food trucks, using an online time card, you can easily group employees by crew, efficiently move a crew to a different project or job code, and clock in/out an individual or an entire crew at once. Both you and your office administrators can easily see which crew members are currently working and where, the crew's day and task totals, and more, with only a few taps on a smartphone or a quick glance at the TSheets web dashboard.

Don't have a smartphone? No worries. You can text or tweet your crew's time too!

Crew time tracking app with GPS

GPS-Powered Time Card App

It's like a cheat sheet for the employee version of "Where's Waldo"

Save searching through the masses for the man in the red and white stripes. Knowing where your employees and crews are working improves payroll and job costing accuracy tenfold.

Real-time GPS location points are attached to employee timesheets when supervisors clock in their crews. When the crew is clocked out, GPS tracking is turned off. This type of communication between the office and the employees translates to reduced overtime costs and increased workplace productivity. Forget Waldo, where's Benjamin? (Franklin, that is).

Call Off the Search. Learn How GPS Tracking Benefits Employers and Employees

Employee Permissions Are Yours to Decide

Some have it. Others don't.
Accurate Permission Based Time Tracking

As always with the TSheets app, we protect the employee and the employer. The Crew function is designed for supervisors or managers, and cannot be used without permission. Permissions are activated through your company admin’s TSheets web dashboard  and can be customized for each supervisor or employee. These safety measures guarantee that only crew members with specific permission to manage others can clock others in and out—and only managers can create and edit manual time cards for their crews.

Offline Time Tracking for Crews

Accurate employee time cards even when you are out of service

The Crew function is ready to go wherever work may lead—regardless of phone service. Crews and crew managers can clock in, clock out, change job codes, and add notes using the Crew function of the TSheets app, and the timesheet data will be stored offline on the supervisor's device. Once back in service, crew managers can sync time data for the entire crew back into TSheets.

The world awaits. Fortunately, with TSheets, crews have an employee time clock that works online or offline.

A Time Card App Android Users Love

Clock in one, clock in all
Crew time tracking from an Android

TSheets takes time tracking to the next level for Android users, delivering individual and crew time tracking capabilities all in one place. Using the TSheets Android app, a supervisor can clock in or out an entire crew (or individuals, as needed), view crews throughout the day, review day and task totals, which project and location each member is clocked in for, and more.

It's fast, easy and accurate time cards for busy crews, supervisors, and business owners—all using one simple app on their Android.

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Manage Your Crew from an iPhone

Clock employees in, switch job codes, and clock employees out
Crew time clock app from your iPhone

For crew managers who are tired of collecting paper time cards or overseeing single-location punch clocks, TSheets for iPhone saves the day.

Crew managers can easily approve time cards for entire crews, delivering accurate-to-the second time, GPS location points, and more with a few simple taps to their iPhone. Managers can even view employee and crew hours for the day, switch employees to different projects for accurate job costing, and add project notes as needed.

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Customer Love From the Field

If you believe in something, you just can't stop talking about it. Other friends in construction see the app on my iPhone, and I'm like, check this out. I probably should have been a salesperson for TSheets! Fred, Integrity Builders
Just the fact that we don't have to wait for employees to turn in time, and that we can actually read the time as it comes in is huge for our company. TRacy, specialty supply
this is not the only person
who has said this...
Economical, easy to use, and best customer service! I started looking for a mobile app for our construction business. It was challenging to say the least with all the laws and workmans comp rates I needed to track. TSheets was the answer, and it was an absolute wonder to be able to track each employee with the job they were on, and the workmans comp class of work they are doing! It doesn't do all the calculations on that part, but I was thrilled to be able to import to a spreadsheet with the calcs set up. When I called Customer Service they were the best I have ever dealt with! App is easy to use, approvals by managers is easy, and setup is very easy. Love this app
babr61, Via apps.com
Game changer. Extremely easy to setup and use....pays for itself week after week. Reporting is great. Highly recommended if you have guys in the field like we do. HD2020, Via apps.com

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