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Specialty Supply Case Study

Specialty Supply Services the Construction Industry Successfully with Online Time Cards

For Specialty Construction Supply, a construction supplier and traffic controller based in Boise, Idaho, paper timesheets were no longer cutting it. Selling road construction and paving products in the Northwest, the company frequently encountered errors and issues when initially reading submitted time cards, then inputting the information in a correct, uniform way.

It was an instantaneous boost in efficiency, accuracy, and profitability after upgrading to online time cards. “Just the fact that we don't have to wait for employees to turn in time, and that we can actually read the time that's come in, that's huge for our company,” CEO and managing member Tracy Hopkins comments after ushering in TSheets at Specialty Construction. “Time is automatically done in real time. TSheets has sped up billing, and has made less work for us.”

On any given work day, Specialty Supply has employees spread out over the entire valley, each person performing different tasks for different clients, and switching jobs regularly. Since everyone has a cellphone–and TSheets works across smartphone and cellphone platforms—time tracking has become as easy as a flexible, well–timed click or text, with a GPS time stamp to up the accuracy ante.

TSheets allows Specialty Construction Supply to go back and get records to resolve issues, concerns or problems that might drain the company's bottom line or workforce. Billing efficiencies are a big factor to Tracy. “If someone turns in a time card two weeks late, that's a missed billing opportunity. TSheets tracks in real time, so it's quicker for us to find mistakes and establish accuracy controls.”

Using TSheets, Specialty Construction Supply was able to take on more jobs, including “paperwork intense” state projects that wouldn't have been attempted or as profitable without online time tracking from TSheets. Now, they can automatically fill in paperwork with the data provided. “It's helped us do a lot,” says Tracy. “It's easier, more accurate, with quicker billing. There's no wait for time cards, so quotes, job contracting, and billing are in real time. We see what's happened daily and can get that information out to where it needs to go.”

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