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Power Digital Case Study

Power Digital Marketing Inc. Uses TSheets to Add Value to Clients, Employees & More

A major universal concern for marketing and advertising agencies is efficiently tracking the time spent on each account to keep clients in the loop and maintain profitability. At Power Digital Marketing Inc., TSheets has been the perfect solution. TSheets is not only easy to use, but benefits everyone involved in the marketing process — from the agency employees and their account managers to the clients themselves. TSheets is the time tracking solution that fits perfectly into our workflow and makes tracking time easy and detailed.

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Value to Agency Employees

TSheets makes it simple for our employees at Power Digital Marketing to clock in/out and track progress on specific tasks. The TSheets mobile app has been especially convenient for our freelance copywriters, who while on–the–go, are able to clock in/out with the simple touch of a button and track time for off–site meetings. Our employees that prefer to use TSheets from their desktop or laptop, are able to easily jump from one client and task to another with the click of a mouse.

What's more, the visibility of time spent on each task, provides team members with a greater sense of responsibility and ownership over their work, allowing them to go above and beyond to show the commitment they have for their job.

Value to Agency Management

Keeping track of employee and contractor time is extremely important to the agency management team. It gives us a better understanding of the time spent on each account, which in turn helps gauge productivity and areas we can become more efficient or invest more time in training our team. In the agency world our people are our biggest assets. It is crucial to have clear analytics on which accounts and activities are occupying the majority of a team member's time, so we can work as efficiently as possible and price out our engagements at fair rates that keep the business profitable. For example, some clients may be getting charged $2,500 and require 40 hours of work each month, while others may be charged $7,000 for 20 hours. TSheets has helped us to identify such disconnects and bill our clients and time more accurately.

By examining the quality of these projects at the end of the day — and the time that was granted to them — we can find ways of improving efficiency and the work quality itself. TSheets shows us which team members are spending too much or too little time on a task and how much each specific activity is costing us on the payroll. For example, if TSheets shows us that copywriter Joe has been working on a specific account for four hours in one day — and doesn't have much to show for it — we've been able to identify a weak spot in the company. We could then follow up this information with action: stronger supervision of Joe to make sure he's working efficiently, or moving him to another project he may be more comfortable with. By benchmarking Joe to other Power Digital Marketing team members in a similar role we can also see where we can do a better job–coaching employees to improve their skill sets and work procedures to be more effective team members in the long term.

At the end of the day, the simple act of clocking in and tracking productivity keeps team members focused on their work and improves time management. Transparency means that weaknesses — as well as strengths — are 100 percent visible, so it's in everyone's best interest to work their hardest.

Value for Client

TSheets isn't just a great tool for Power Digital Marketing Inc. — it's also extremely useful for our clients. With more transparent reporting on services provided and the associated time, our clients can better understand which team members are responsible for particular parts of their campaign. This helps them better understand the roles that everyone plays and the amount of effort that goes into each part of the workflow process.

Our client, for example — a high–end online tile retailer — likes to know how much time we spend on their account and clearly understand the complexities of the workflow for their campaign. By maintaining total transparency — something made so much easier by TSheets — there are no problems reporting this information to the client. This really benefits both the agency and our clientele when we are crafting marketing plans and allocating budgets to different activities. Everyone is on the same page — a total rarity in the marketing industry, where clients often feel out of the loop, and agencies don't know how to get them there in a quick and easy way. TSheets has been an important component of keeping our clients very happy and driving referrals to new clients from our existing customer base.

Time Tracking Software Helping Digital Marketing Agencies

TSheets is the perfect solution for tracking employee productivity, gaining real–time insight into team member tasks and activities, and providing clients with the most accurate data and visibility into team workflow and efforts. We'll continue to use TSheets at Power Digital Marketing, as we're finding greater and greater uses for it every day.

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