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Wildernest Case Study

Wildernest Manages HOAs and Vacation Rentals with TSheets

Going places in Colorado? For homeowners and vacationers, Wildernest is there. A dual–purpose company, Wildernest manages both homeowners associations (HOAs) and vacation rentals in Summit County.

 Android Time Tracker for Employees

With 72 HOAs and dozens of vacation properties to operate, half of Wildernest's 120 employees are often found in the field. Until a year ago, Wildernest relied on basic electronic time clocks with separate paper systems and excel spreadsheets to detail job codes. Needless to say, time management was a chore until they found the perfect mobile time tracker for their organization.

“It was very time consuming to record various clients and projects in order to get them billed. Billing took a lot of department time,” says Gary Barr, managing partner at Wildernest. “TSheets gave us simplicity and worked on a smartphone. All of our people in the field have Droids. Now, that's how they record time.”

Wildernest started with a beta test of 10 employees across departments before implementing the new system company–wide.

“Time is now easy to track and manage,” Gary comments. “We can customize the app so that employees only see the clients or projects that they're working on. And the mobility allows people to work from home. TSheets is a time saver and improved our accuracy.”

TSheets has also improved the ease of information gathering at Wildernest. Department heads are now running reports directly through the system, and Wildernest is beginning to incorporate the data into the billing process.

“Eventually, it will provide us a way to determine how to price contracts. We will be able to see how much time we spent on each client in the last 12 months, and price our estimates to make money. Before, it was just a guessing game,” notes Gary. At Wildernest, the road forward looks all clear.

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