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Multi Image Group Case Study

At Multi Image Group (MIG), one over–riding philosophy directs the course of business: the show must go on. Based in Boca Raton, Fla., MIG is a creative, production and staging company for large corporate events, typically the grand–scale sales meetings or celebrations of Fortune 500 companies.

Time Tracking Software for Events

For the sizeable and detail–oriented events, employees are constantly working on multiple clients and projects concurrently, often while traveling, so MIG needed a time tracking software that could keep up with the pace.

“We had another electronic timesheet software that we utilized, but we kept running into service and quality issues,” comments Jon Reitzes, CFO of MIG. “We wanted the data entry to be less cumbersome for our employees. We were also looking for a way for salaried employees to enter time via smartphones, and to track and calculate paid time off.”

MIG found everything on the list in TSheets, in part due to the willingness of the time tracking technology company to customize and adapt the software for the needs of the event industry.

“We are a unique industry,” notes Jon. “Because we track hours by client, by projects within clients and by work code, we needed a time tracking software to handle this level of detail. We like to think that the customization that TSheets provided to us gave them additional capabilities for future clients. They're a very responsive, energetic group of people. You can tell the developers have a lot of passion and enjoy what they do.”

TSheets now allows for user–friendly use of time at MIG, a big improvement from the previous system, and one that ushered in a rapid buy–in from staff. This faster speed also applies to department heads that can now view employee hours worked on various projects without seeing sensitive payroll information.

“Timekeeping takes less time than it did before,” Jon reports. “Not only does TSheets save time for the employees, but it saves a lot of frustration, because our previous system ran slowly and was not as user friendly as TSheets. People are less opposed and fearful of doing timesheets now.”

Additionally, TSheets developed reports that allow MIG's payroll administrator to see who has not completed their timesheets in a simple “by exception only” format. “These reports have saved us hours each payroll cycle. We are very happy with the partnership so far,” says Jon, noting that any issues that have cropped up have been resolved within 24 hours. “TSheets provides good value for the software. Here's to many more years of a successful business relationship.”

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