S. Heinz Construction & Design

TSheets’ online time cards for QuickBooks makes employees’ lives easier and payroll faster

S. Heinz Construction & Design, Inc. in Rhode Island struggled for many years to collect, decipher and manually enter employee time for payroll as well as client invoicing. Their employees were working three to four different projects at a time and had to keep track of their projects, and time spent on each project, to report at the end of each day.

After switching from QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online, Heinz Construction discovered TSheets’ online time cards and decided to give it a try, to hopefully solve the payroll run–around that they were dealing with each pay period.

Using TSheets has made our employees’ lives easier and payroll and invoicing that much more timely and accurate. Greta Heinz, S. Heinz Construction & Design

TSheets’ Mobile Options Bring Ease & Accuracy

Since finding TSheets, S. Heinz Construction’s employees have been able to use their smartphones to clock in, change project codes as they change sites, and clock out at the end of each day. According to Greta Heinz, using TSheets has made their employees’ lives easier and payroll and invoicing that much more timely and accurate.

The Benefits of Using An Online Time Card with QuickBooks

For the Heinz’s, TSheets’ integration with QuickBooks has been a bookkeeper’s dream. Using TSheets they are now able to easily import all their Service Items, Customers and Jobs from their QuickBooks Online account directly into TSheets, and vice versa. After exporting employee times to QuickBooks, they are able to instantly view employee hours for the week, per project, and provide invoices for their clients with very detailed and accurate accounts of the time spent on their individual project. “It makes billing easier and more accurate than before and our clients love the transparency.”

The [TSheets] customer service has been literally out of this world. Greta Heinz, S. Heinz Construction & Design

TSheets Industry Leading Customer Support

When asked about customer support, Greta Heinz responded that they have found TSheets really straightforward to use, however whenever they have had questions or needed assistance, the customer service has been “literally out of this world.” Greta continued that “[TSheets] has little to no wait time, and everyone has always been very friendly and very knowledgeable. Not only can they walk me through everything within TSheets, but they are also very well versed and knowledgeable when it comes to QuickBooks.”

As for S. Heinz Construction and Design, Inc. – they say they are very happy their company found TSheets for all the ways it has simplified payroll and invoicing, and for the integration with QuickBooks. According to the Heinz, “[TSheets has been] such a time saver!”

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