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Rhodes Retail Case Study

Rhodes Retail Discovers Road-Worthy Time Tracking

From California to New York, Rhodes Retail knows merchandising inside and out. Since 1994, the company has offered expert merchandising, new store set-up and remodeling for some of the nation's top retailers.

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Real–Time Tracking, at Home and on the Road

With over 450 employees and only a dozen or so who work from the office, Rhodes job costing needed a reliable mobile time tracking system that could go far and fast in the field. Previously, Rhodes managed their employee times on paper timesheets, but with the number of locations and number of employees at each site, Rhodes wanted to be more time conscious with jobs and employees.

“Initially, the pricing and simplicity attracted us to TSheets,” says Valerie Rhodes, who owns and runs the sizeable operation with her husband, Chris. ”It's easy for employees to use, even on their cell phones. Project managers can use laptops. I feel better about knowing when people clock in, and where they're clocking in from.”

Benefits to Employees, Customers, and Company

Using TSheets has helped Rhodes improve accuracy up and down the line, benefiting staff, management and clients alike. Employees know they are getting paid for their time worked, the data is easily exported into payroll (saving hours of time) and data is easily transferred into PDF's for customers that need extensive detail with invoices. For management, job costing became easier for accounting and estimating purposes.

Real–Time Accuracy

While numbers were previously vague or even guesstimates, Valerie Rhodes outlines the change since using TSheets, “An employee may say they took an hour lunch, but maybe they took only 45 minutes. Or sometimes, they arrive late,” notes Valerie. “We bill to the minute, with no rounding up or down. Now everyone gets paid for actual time clocked in and out; the ability to show more accuracy makes clients happy too.”

Rhodes Retail offers comprehensive turnkey merchandising, while relying on turnkey mobile time tracking and management with TSheets. For locations and crews on–site and off–site, TSheets is the real–time tracking solution for Rhodes and retail stores everywhere.

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