Use a Phone for Employee Time Tracking

This is Your Phone Speaking: “Call Me” (Not Maybe)

Timesheets in English or Spanish

Choosing A Dial In Phone Number

A number on your speed dial just became a way to track time in English or Spanish

Clock in and out from any landline or cell
TSheets Dial in is state-of-the-art time tracking that makes virtually any phone a comprehensive, real-time tracking device. A business who would like their employees to use a phone to clock in and out (the call itself leaves a virtual time stamp on their timesheet), would start by choosing a local phone number through the TSheets administrative dashboard, for tracking time. Employees would then call the designated number to clock in or out, change job codes or leave work notes – leaving a real-time time stamp on their timesheet for down to the second accuracy. Are Spanish speaking employees dialing the digits? No hay problema! Admins can set voice prompts in Spanish or English.

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Permissions and Restrictions

Admins determine where employees call in from

By default, employees may call from any location or phone number. If a business would like to limit employees to use specific numbers only – such as a job site phone number – those numbers can be configured within the company settings.

Using Dial-in, employees with their mobile number added to their profile – will automatically be able to clock in or out based on caller ID. Alternatively, an employee can dial in, enter their employee number and choose to clock in, change job codes, etc.

Add a Comment to Your Timesheet

Forget Siri! Leave notes in your own voice on your timesheet

“Remember to bill homeowner for…” “Job took 2 hours longer than expected.” Employee timesheets from any phone
When an employee dials in and is already on the clock, they may choose the option of leaving a voice note regarding their work.

These notes can be reviewed audibly at any time through the TSheets web dashboard, or converted to text for pennies per transcription.

¿No Hablas Ingles?

Time tracking for Spanish speaking employees

TSheets Dial-in crosses the language barrier by giving employees an English or Spanish option for entering their time – eliminating timesheet errors due to miscommunications, illegible handwriting, or lost time cards.

The Benefits of Real-Time Time Tracking

Bridging the gap between mobile employees and the office

As soon as employees use their phone to clock in or out, their time is instantly synced to the office. TSheets uses virtual time-stamping for accurate and timely data for project costing, invoicing, payroll and more.

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Employees Love TSheets Calling All Employees

TSheets Dial In feature has been instrumental in helping us streamline our service operations. Our Installation Managers are able to update the office with details about our jobs in a more regular and efficient manner than ever before. This allows them more time in the field and provides the office support staff with real time information to relay to customers and vendors. Our jobs are closed, costed and invoices are sent far quicker than before, this helps our bottom line. Not having this feature would be a huge step backwards. Some of our employees really do play instruments too Bill clifford, material handling sales, inc.

Not only does [TSheets] save me time now, it tracks so much more. I can now track each job to see if we are making or losing money each day/week/month…the staff is incredible; quick response…I know there is a whole lot more that TSheets does and look forward to utilizing it to its full potential as it integrates with my QuickBooks flawlessly! Thank you TSheets. TPoeWright, Manchester, PA Via

Flexible & affordable. Support staff is top notch and definitely committed to helping you find the right solution to meet your specific needs. Even during our trial, they made us feel like a VIP. There are many ways to customize the time entry functions and fine grain permissions so that everything just works. This app will save over 250 man hours / year and has me looking like genius with my boss. Accounting is loving me for saving them so much time & money.
What’s not to love? We often ask
ourselves that same question!
bcerasani from Springfield MO Via

Time tracking and beyond! This product does it all! Track time, save money. GO TSHEETS! Levi Via

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