Facial Recognition for Time Clock Kiosk

TSheets has captured over 1 million photos to curb buddy punching and stop time theft

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TSheets discourages employee buddy punching.

Discourages Buddy Punching

Facial recognition knows who’s who. If an employee clocks in for (or “buddy punches”) a friend who is late or absent, admins are notified immediately.

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Get hassle-free employee clock ins and clock outs with TSheets face recognition time clock system.

Hassle-Free Functionality

Thumbprint scanners are a popular technology, but they don’t work well in certain environments. Facial recognition is as simple as taking a selfie.

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TSheets Time Clock Kiosk works anywhere you have internet and can plug in a tablet.

Works Anywhere

Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, facial recognition for your TSheets Time Clock is perfect for any environment, even outdoor, high-traffic job sites.

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How Facial Recognition Works for Your Business

Ready at clock in

Employees enter four-digit PINs and smile for the camera to clock in — quick and simple. And the feature is free for all TSheets users!

Employees are recognized

The TSheets Time Clock Kiosk uses facial recognition to detect who is clocking in for or out from a job.

Software that learns as it goes

Facial recognition analyzes and remembers the geometry of each person’s face and compares it to previous photos taken.

Photos are flagged for review

If a photo doesn’t look right, it is automatically flagged on the employee’s timesheet, and admins receive an instant notification.

Everyday ease of use

Facial recognition verifies each employee’s identity every time they clock in but never prevents them from clocking in or out.

Take it from there!

Admins can review flagged photos at their leisure and confront buddy punching or time theft according to their company’s policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About TSheets Facial Recognition

  • Research
    Demystifying Biometric Data

    Decades ago, science-fiction classics like “Star Trek” and “The Fifth Element” imagined how face-scanning technology might be used to verify one’s identity. And they weren’t far off.

    Today, facial scanning — better known as facial recognition — is replacing digital keys, codes, and cards for access to locations, devices, and information. So even if the word “biometric” evokes a fear of Space-Odyssey levels of complexity, trust us. It’s pretty simple.

  • Success Story
    Hardware Company Uses Time Clock to Simplify Time Tracking in the Warehouse

    Solve-it! Companies, LLC creates practical products for a range of industries. They make everything from tools and hardware to tablet and mobile device accessories, all of which solve everyday problems in the business environment.

    Before discovering TSheets, Solve-it! Companies used an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system on a computer from which their team clocked in and out. They knew they needed something better. Find out what makes TSheets Time Clock “hands-down the best thing we’ve ever seen for time tracking.

  • Survey Results
    Time Card Apps Improve Time Tracking Habits, Accuracy on the Job Site

    A 2017 survey of 1,000 US employees found managers track time for 18 percent of employees, but only 1 in 4 managers has access to a time card app. And with a majority of business owners needing to track time according to jobs, clients, and locations, the need to automate, and not rely on paper time cards and spreadsheets, is greater than ever.

Ready to Simplify Time Tracking?

TSheets Time Clocks are now complete with facial recognition! Prevent buddy punching and curb time theft — FREE for 14 days!

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