Worried about changes to FLSA rules and regulations? How to protect your business in 2016.
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Changes to the overtime rules have been delayed,
but the FLSA still applies exactly as it did before.

Find out how federal labor laws affect your
business and how to avoid the pitfalls.

What's Happening With the FLSA Overtime Regulations?

TSheets asked 500 business owners what they think will happen to the new overtime rules that were announced in 2016.

Here's what we found:

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With the changes to the FLSA overtime laws, 4.2 million employees will qualify for overtime in 2016.

What Are the New FLSA Overtime Regulations?

In May 2016, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) extended overtime to 4.2 million employees but in Nov 2016 the changes were delayed. Find out what's happening and how it affects your business.

What Are My Options?

Wage and Hour Lawsuits on the Rise

FLSA wage and hour lawsuits have increased a staggering 456% since 1995. And that's just the start of why business owners are concerned. Not only does a successful FLSA prosecution mean you'll be paying back wages, penalties, and your own legal fees–you'll be paying your employee's legal fees as well.

Does your industry or state have a target on its back? How much are businesses in your state paying out for wage and hour lawsuits? Find out!

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Start Tracking Your Time for FLSA Compliance

What if I'm Hit with an FLSA Lawsuit?

Knowing the law, creating policies and procedures that safeguard your company and employees, and knowing your options for facing a worst case scenario are crucial to the health and success of your business.

Expert Advice on how to handle a wage and hour lawsuit

Running into Overtime

Not only is overtime expensive—it's also one of the most common areas employers struggle with when it comes to FLSA compliance. Understanding the law, being aware of potential pitfalls, adopting technology that aids in compliance can make all the difference in avoiding suits.

FAQ: Overtime and the FLSA
FAQ: California overtime laws
FAQ: Unauthorized employee overtime

"The overtime rule is about making sure middle-class jobs pay middle-class wages. Some will see more money in their pockets...some will get more time with their family...and everybody will receive clarity on where they stand."

-Tom Perez, Labor Secretary

Understand the changes to the 2016 FLSA overtime law and prepare your business for compliance.

How Can I Avoid a Wage and Hour Lawsuit?

Knowing the most common pitfalls to avoid, and the most common mistakes business owners make, can help you avoid painful—and costly—consequences.

Learn the 7 Deadly sins of wage and hour violations
FLSA lawsuits are increasing. Learn the 7 deadly FLSA violations you could be committing in your business.

Exempt vs. Non-exempt? That is the Question

Did you know that 8.9 million workers are currently misclassified? Determining whether an employee should be exempt vs. nonexempt is crucial – and complicated. But knowing the difference and avoiding common mistakes is key to avoiding a lawsuit.

FAQs About Exempt Vs. Non-exempt Employees

Learn how mobile time tracking can make all the difference with complying with the FLSA overtime changes.

Tracking Time for FLSA Compliance

Did you know that you're required to track time for all non-exempt employees—and keep those records for two years? If the words "organized," "accurate," and "easily accessible" don't apply to your current method of timekeeping, it's time for a change.

Learn how cloud-based, mobile time tracking can make all the difference when it comes to complying with the FLSA, preparing for the new overtime regulations, keeping overtime in check, and protecting your company in the event of a lawsuit.

How Does Time Tracking Help Me Prepare and Comply?

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