FLSA wage and hour lawsuits are increasing. Learn which FLSA violations can trip up your business and how to avoid them.

FLSA Violations You Must Avoid

Lawsuits are rising as employers continue to violate the wage and
hour provisions of the FLSA. But, in most cases, they’re doing
it unknowingly.

Are you one of them?

Ignorance of the law is not an alibi, and it’s certainly not a defense against wage and hour
lawsuits. Now is the time to take a hard look at your company and ensure you aren’t
unknowingly committing one of these deadly sins of the FLSA.

Over 8.6 million employees are currently misclassified.

Misclassifying Employees

Over 8.6 MILLION employees are currently misclassified – and that number is only going to grow when the new Department of Labor overtime rule kicks in. The consequences of misclassification can be costly, so, ask yourself, is your team among the misclassified? Learn More

81% of salaried employees work outside of working hours.

Overlooking or Encouraging Off-the-Clock Work

More than 81% of U.S. salaried employees regularly conduct work outside of working hours. But does checking work email, listening to a work related voicemail, or responding to a co-worker’s text count as work? And should employees be compensated? Find Out

Nearly 16% of U.S. employees put in extra hours 5 to 7 days a week.

Failing to Pay Unauthorized Overtime

Nearly 16% of U.S. employees admit to being “workaholics” in the office – they regularly put in extra hours five to seven days a week. But if you’ve got an overtime policy that forbids it, do you still have to pay them for that time? Get the Answer

Only 1 in 5 workers actually step away from their desk for a midday meal.

Not Tracking Breaks Properly

Research shows that only 1 in 5 workers actually step away from their desk for a midday meal – most prefer to either work through lunch or eat at their desk. If that’s the case, should they clock out for lunch, or remain clocked in? Are your employees required to take a break? Read More

33% of employees admit they are not required to track their hours.

Keeping Sloppy or Inaccurate Records

Of the 34,800 workers who responded to a recent survey by the American Payroll Association, nearly 33% of them admitted they are not required to input their hours worked at their jobs. Are your employees among them? Accurate time and payroll records are paramount to defense against an FLSA lawsuit. Learn More

65% of bachelor's degree graduates (in 2015) participated in internships.

Not Compensating Interns or Volunteers Appropriately

More than 65% of bachelor’s degree graduates from the class of 2015 participated in an internship – and that number is rising each year. Chances are, you’ll find yourself hiring an intern within the next several years. Do you have to pay them? Get the Answer

Employers continue to be guilty of FLSA violations.

Not Staying Up-To-Date on DOL or State Regulations

We’re facing a record-breaking year in terms of FLSA lawsuits – and those numbers are still on the rise. There are many factors contributing to the spike, but the number one reason is simply this: Employers continue to violate the FLSA – and, most of the time, they do it unknowingly. Are you one of them? Find out

Meet the Experts

We reached out to the nation’s top wage and hour experts to find out how business owners can avoid committing these deadly sins – and what to do if you find yourself at risk.

Attorney Maria O. Hart from Parsons, Behle & Latimer.

Maria O. Hart

Parsons, Behle & Latimer

Attorney Daniel Abrahams from Brown Rudnick LLP.

Daniel Abrahams

Brown Rudnick LLP

Attorney Staci Ketay Rotman from Franczek Radelet.

Staci Ketay Rotman

Franczek Radelet

Attorney Philip K. Miles from McQuaide Blasko.

Philip K. Miles

McQuaide Blasko

Labor and Employment Attorney Charles A. Krugel.

Charles A. Krugel

Labor & Employment Attorney

Attorney Dena H. Sokolow from Baker Donelson.

Dena H. Sokolow

Baker Donelson

Attorney Johnathan Young from Greenberg Traurig, LLP.

Johnathan Young

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Attorney James R. Mulroy from Jackson Lewis.

James R. Mulroy

Jackson Lewis

Attorney Michael S. Kun from Epstein Becker & Green.

Michael S. Kun

Epstein Becker & Green

Attorney Mark S. Goldstein from Reed Smith, LLP.

Mark S. Goldstein

Reed Smith, LLP

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