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Why TSheets?

TSheets time tracking helps you avoid unexpected–and expensive–wage and hour lawsuits with overtime alerts and an electronic log of all timesheets.

Overtime Management Tools

Did you know that 80 percent of FLSA wage and hours lawsuits are the result of unpaid overtime? With TSheets, you'll be able to track employee time and use alerts to proactively manage overtime.

Accurate Hours, Accurate Payroll

The FLSA requires employers to pay employees for all hours worked. Inaccurate timesheets mean inaccurate payroll—and open the door to lawsuits. With TSheets, employees can track their hours in real time, on the devices they already use.

Easily Accessible Records

The Department of Labor requires you to keep time records for all non-exempt employees for two years. That's a lot of paper–and a mad scramble in the event of an FLSA lawsuit. With TSheets, all your records are time-stamped and just a click away.

Time to Prepare

Do you need to make changes driven by the new regulations? By implementing mobile time tracking now, you'll quickly get an accurate view of labor hours across the company, from exempt and nonexempt employees alike, so you can make informed decisions.

Start Preparing for the New FLSA Overtime Rule Now

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Please refer to a professional tax or legal advisor regarding specific requirements of FLSA and how they impact your business. TSheets does not recommend particular employee classifications or practices and leaves those decisions to the discretion of your organization.