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A GPS time tracker for your mobile workforce

Enjoy the flexibility of mobile time tracking and employee accountability. TSheets is easy, accurate time tracking with GPS time stamping.

Meet your new favorite time tracker with GPS

Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, TSheets GPS time tracking makes it easy to manage your remote or mobile workforce. See who’s on the clock and where they’re working. Use GPS tracking to schedule new jobs on the fly, manage employees at multiple locations, and build trust with your team. It’s increased accountability that benefits everyone.

GPS time tracking features and benefits

GPS location tracking

Once employees clock in, the TSheets app logs their location and updates it throughout the workday. TSheets never records employee locations when they’re clocked out.

Real-time coordination

Employee GPS tracking shows which employee is closest to the next job site. Deploy your workforce for maximum efficiency.

No drain, no pain

Whether for iPhone or Android, GPS time tracking, on average, uses less data in a day than your favorite social media apps. And it won’t drain your phone’s battery.

Geofence time tracking

Enable a geofence that reminds employees to clock in or out when they enter or leave a job site. More accurate timesheets mean fewer timesheet edits.

See who’s working

Get real-time insight into your mobile workforce. Get a map view of who’s on the clock and where they’re located with the Who’s Working window.

Increased accountability

With GPS time tracking, managers of remote teams can verify employees are on-site and safe, in the app and online.

Construction worker, manager and accountant.

Who uses TSheets for GPS time tracking

Thousands of businesses around the world choose TSheets GPS time tracking for their mobile workforce. Millions of employees clock in and out each day using the TSheets mobile app. GPS time tracking is a great fit for:

• Remote workers and mobile employees
• Construction workers and landscapers
• Service-based businesses
• Businesses with employees in multiple locations

GPS employee tracking window on TSheets.

How to use the GPS employee tracker

Employee GPS time tracking is simple and safe with TSheets. Employees can clock in or out from a mobile device with just one touch. TSheets records employee locations throughout the workday and attaches that GPS data to their timesheets. How to use the TSheets GPS time tracker:

1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
2. Invite your employees to use TSheets.
3. Turn on GPS location tracking Company Settings.
4. Enable location services for TSheets in your phone’s settings.
5. Start tracking time using the TSheets mobile app.
6. See the GPS map using the Who’s Working window.
7. Use that data for more efficient scheduling, dispatching, and more.

Why TSheets for GPS time tracking

TSheets has over 20,000 five-star reviews, making it the top-rated time tracking app on G2Crowd, Software Advice, and GetApp. TSheets time tracking app with GPS is used by over 1 million employees around the world to track time on location and submit accurate-to-the-second timesheets for payroll. No matter where or how you work, TSheets works for you.

  • Employees who use GPS at work report positive experiences

    Introducing GPS tracking to your workforce might be easier than you think. 78% of employees say they are comfortable using GPS tracking at work, according to a 2019 survey of U.S. employees. Of those who use GPS tracking in the workplace, 65% report positive experiences. Only 4% report negative experiences. Learn more

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  • More people are using geofencing at work

    17% of employees say they use geofencing at work, according to a 2018 survey. That number is up 5 percentage points from 2017. Yes, geofencing is on the rise. 20% of employees say they don’t have strong feelings either way about using geofencing at work. But 72% report positive experiences. When asked why they think their employers implemented geofencing at work, employees’ top three answers were for safety and accountability and to prevent time theft. Learn more

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FAQs about the GPS time tracker

When businesses win government contracts, it's often essential for their timekeeping to be compliant with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or Department of Labor (DOL) regulations. These contracts require daily time tracking, precise records with audit trails for all changes, extensive reporting, and more, in the case of an audit.
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Since the TSheets app doesn't run continuously, it only uses a small amount of your phone's battery power. The amount of battery power used depends on several factors, including the type of device you have and the frequency and type of use.
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For Android users, the TSheets app requires about 30 MB of data. The TSheets iOS app requires about 65 MB of data. The exact amount of storage used by the TSheets app is affected by your role, the number of people you manage and your permissions.

*Based on anonymized TSheets customer data collected on Dec. 16, 2019

On average, TSheets mobile app customers use about 5 MB of data per month. 95% of TSheets mobile app customers use less than 30 MB of data per month.

Based on anonymized TSheets customer mobile data usage collected between July 1, 2019, and Nov. 30, 2019

TSheets only records employee locations when employees are on the clock. If geofencing is enabled, the TSheets app must always have access to employees’ locations. GPS data received when employees are off the clock or on break will never be accessible by employers, admins, or TSheets.
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TSheets works wherever you do. Get moving with GPS time tracking.