Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Tracking

What’s our position on GPS? Find out!

Knowing where your employees are at in real time gives you the power to help your mobile workforce stay organized, on track, and working as a team.

We also know know you probably have a few questions about GPS. How does it work? Does it track data all the time? What do your employees need to know?

They’re all terrific questions, so let’s get you some answers!

Q. Is GPS tracking an additional cost?

A. No. GPS tracking is included with your TSheets account.

Q. What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

A. GPS tracking tells you which employees are on the clock and where they're located. You'll be able to see who is closest to a customer when scheduling a new job on the fly, more effectively manage employees at various locations, identify inefficiencies in workloads and routes, and build trust by adding accountability safeguards that benefit everyone.

GPS tracking allows you to see your employee's location over time.

Q. What are some examples of ways I can expect to see improvements to my business by adding GPS?

A. GPS tracking makes it possible—and simple—to target inefficiencies that are pulling everyone down. For example, does one driver consistently have to scramble to make her daily pickups while another driver has extra time on his route? Now you'll be able to see it in real time, with real data, and either adjust the routes or the workloads.

GPS also enables you to allow for more flexibility and freedom, whether it be in using company vehicles or working from home on occasion. You'll also gain a new safeguard when disputes arise with customers or employees. Is a customer claiming an employee didn’t show up to a job or was late? Now it’s easy to verify the he–said/she–said claims.

Q. When does GPS start tracking, and how often is GPS data gathered?

A. TSheets GPS begins tracking when an employee clocks in. Location information is recorded when the employee clocks in, changes job codes, adds notes, or clocks out. GPS location points are also recorded at regular 5–10 minute intervals while the employee is on the clock.

Q. How far does my employee and his or her device have to travel to trigger a new GPS point?

A. If your employee travels more than 150 feet, a new GPS point will automatically be triggered.

Q. How accurate are GPS points?

A. GPS points are accurate within a 1000–meter radius

Q. How long does it take to display the information when a new GPS point is captured?

A. It can take up to 15 seconds for TSheets to receive and display a new GPS point

Q. Does GPS track employee locations while employees are off the clock or on a break?

A. No. When an employee clocks out for lunch, a break, or at the end of the day, both time tracking and GPS turn off, respecting your employees' personal time.

Q. Can I choose whether GPS activation is optional or required?

A. Yes. To make location tracking a prerequisite for an employee to track time, just go to the employee's “mobile options” tab and select “require location to track time.” The employee will only be able to clock in once their GPS is activated.

GPS tracking can be set to required within TSheets in order to track time.

Q. What happens if my employee turns off location services while logged in to TSheets?

A. If you require GPS to be turned on while an employee is on the clock, and an employee turns location services off while he or she is clocked in, the employee will be clocked out and prompted to turn location services back on to clock back in.

Q. Can I apply my preferences globally and to individuals?

A. Yes. Our flexible GPS location tracking feature can be turned on or off for employees on an individual basis, or globally.

Q. Can my employees see each other's GPS points?

A. Employees can view their own GPS points, but only administrators, managers, and anyone granted the “Manage Timesheets for All Employees” permission level will be able to see another employee's GPS locations.

Q. Can managers or administrators see employees' GPS locations while the employee is disconnected from WIFI or a data network?

A. Admins and managers are only able to view GPS points when the employee's device is able to connect to WIFI or a data network. However, you can rest assured that GPS points are still being taken, and once the employee comes back into WIFI range or connects to a data network, the device will sync and GPS points will be recorded.

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