Track and Submit Time From Mobile in One Touch

A time tracking app that is simple and easy to use

Track time using a device your employees already have in their pockets and use regularly: Their iPhones. Using TSheets’ iPhone App, starting, stopping, switching tasks and submitting time is literally a touch (or click) away. And with handy clock in/out reminders, overtime alerts, and an intuitive interface that remembers recently used job codes and allows for PTO and timesheet submission on the go, there’s no need to slow down to take care of business.

No scrolling through menus or jostling with drop down buttons — employees can simply open the mobile time tracking app, click on the job code, and start tracking time. Using that same one–touch functionality, they can also change job codes or projects, clock out, take a break, add notes to their timesheet, request PTO or submit time for review.

6 Other Ways to Track Time on the Go

Track your crews' time from your iPhone

Time Tracking for the Crew

Track and coordinate employee time from the jobsite.

Crew managers can now clock employees in and out and switch employee job codes all from an iPhone. Say goodbye to manual employee time cards and static, single-location punch clocks, and say hello to a job site time clock that provides efficient and accurate time tracking data for payroll and invoicing. Your entire employee time clock is right there on your phone.

It’s all in one app — a full time card with GPS tracking for an individual employee or the crew. Supervisors can see who’s working and where, manage crew hours and overtime, switch employees to different projects for accurate job costing, and add project notes. Office managers have full access to real time data (never track down a handwritten time card again!) for simple payroll and billing.

iPhone Time Tracking App with GPS
GPS Time Tracking for iPhone

Time Tracking with GPS

Mobile responsibility meets efficiency

No need for additional GPS services, when using TSheets’ iPhone Time Tracking App. When employees clock in, clock out, change job codes or add notes, GPS location points are automatically recorded and added to their online timesheet. With or without cell service, employee locations are also continuously recorded at ten minute intervals when on the clock.

Employees can review and build efficiency into their routes, employers can easily manage their on-the-go workers — regardless of location — and mobile responsibility can be validated, if necessary.

The Benefits of GPS to Employers and Employees
Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Tracking

Add customers, jobs on the go and see who's working, all from your iPhone

Added Insight and Control

Add customers, jobs on the go and see who’s working, all from your iPhone

Now more functional than ever, the TSheets app for iPhone allows you to see who’s working and on what, all from the field.

Need to add a job, or new customer on the fly? Approve timesheets or PTO requests on the go? No problem, you can now do that from your TSheets iPhone app. Just more tools in your time tracking tool belt, for added insight and control while on the go.

Fall in love with the Who’s Working Window

Yes, you can track your time from 35,000 feet! Time Tracking App Works When Out of Service

Tracking Time When Offline or Out of Service

An internet connection might not be available, but you can still log your time

The world awaits, and while employees are on-the-clock, they may occasionally be out of service. Fortunately, with TSheets’ iPhone time tracking, employees have an offline alternative.

Regardless of phone service, employees can clock in, clock out, change job codes and add notes on their TSheets iPhone App, and the timesheet data will be stored offline on the employee’s device. Once back in service, the employee can easily click “sync” to immediately send their timesheet data back to the office.

Reporting Employee Time

Real-time reports for payroll, job costing, and invoicing

Reports for payroll, job costing, and invoicing
As soon as your employees clock in or out, their time is instantly visible back at the office. Managers can easily see who’s working — where and under what job code — adjust or approve time tracked, run time card reports in real time, and more.

Using TSheets real-time time tracking, managers are empowered with the data to make decisions, when they need it most.

How to Export Time for Faster Payroll and Invoicing

If Manual Entry Is Your Thing

Use the TSheets app spreadsheet-style

When real-time tracking doesn’t fit, an employee can manually enter their time using the iPhone time tracking app. When entering their hours manually, an employee can add notes, and both are saved and synced automatically with the home office.

A manager can easily see when an employee enters time manually, versus in real-time, as well as any notes or changes an employee makes to their time card.

How Does Manual Time Entry Work on My Computer?

TSheets Hearts Emmployees Customer Love

Best APP EVER! I LOVE THIS APP! It has made time tracking easy and efficient. I 150% recommend this app to others! Well worth it! We love you too! Cutting Edge, AThens, AL Via

Awesome app! It was a nightmare trying to get field workers to bring their timesheets to the office on time to invoice the clients. Now it’s SO great. I know how many hours they worked on any given job & day. The reports are great! I can export to QuickBooks and have all their hours for the payroll. Also I can have on my screen where they are working and how many hours / minutes they are on any job/task. Holland, rockville, md VIA

fun and… My time is tracked!’ So easy to clock in and out, switch job codes (with one click) and get a quick summary of my day. Jennifergh, Via iTunes

Very useful app. This app has allowed me to go completely mobile with my business. I use my iPhone, iPad, computer and text to track my time—much more accurate and convenient than a punch clock. bmedel, Via iTunes

Very handy app. Just started working part-time from home and need to keep track of my hours. Love this app’s clock in and out feature, weekly reports, and sync ability with TSheets online. ttstead, Via iTunes

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