Looking For A Simple Employee Punch Clock Solution?

TSheets Kiosk Is The Answer

TSheets Kiosk is like a digital punch clock — employees simply clock in, on the same device, using a unique, 4-digit PIN.

A fast and easy way for employees to clock in, on site

TSheets Kiosk is a simple, cost-effective alternative to a traditional time punch clock. It allows your employees to clock in at a central location using an easy to remember, four-digit PIN. Best of all, Kiosk works on any computer or tablet with an internet connection — no expensive, bulky hardware needed!

See it in action

On the clock and ready to work in less than 12 seconds

Using TSheets Kiosk, employees clock in, on the same device, using a simple four-digit PIN.
Within seconds, they're on the clock and ready to work!

No PIN? No problem! Employees can recover forgotten PINs on their own — without wasting admin time.

Your employees won't have to stand in a long line to clock in. They can quickly enter their PIN or even reset their PIN in seconds.
With TSheets Kiosk, employees can take breaks, change job codes, all on a centrally located tablet or computer.

A better alternative to traditional punch clocks

TSheets Kiosk comes with all the advanced time tracking capabilities you already know and love about TSheets! Employees can quickly and easily clock in, change job codes, or take a break! Track time against multiple projects or clients, add notes, and much, more more!

Employees can use TSheets if they're working remotely, on the go, or all in a central location.

Big benefits for your business

Kiosk is an ideal solution for businesses with employees who work in a central location — like warehouses, construction sites, or retail stores.

Do you have some employees on site while others are on the go? No problem. With TSheets, you get all-inclusive, flexible time tracking that can be used in multiple locations, on mobile devices, or on the web.

No matter where or how you need to track time, TSheets is the solution.

Learn more about the many ways to track time with TSheets.

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