Welcome to Boise!

What’s it like to live in Boise? The¬†Visitor’s Bureau¬†gives you a 60-second overview. Then we invite you to explore our in-depth, insider look at what life is like here in the Treasure Valley. You’ll find that our Idahome has a lot more to it than Boise State’s blue turf and a few billion potatoes. So without further ado, let’s lift our glasses (of local Ste. Chapelle wine of course) to Boise!

Outdoor Recreation

Whether your favorite outdoor activity is biking, hiking, skiing, rafting, fishing, or hunting, Boise has them all. And the best part? You don't even have to leave town. Learn what Boise has to offer in the great outdoors (and some of our best-kept local secrets).

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Top Local Picks

Wondering where Boise locals go to eat, shop, or stay? Let us show you where to find local flavor at its finest in Boise and surrounding areas.

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Entertainment and Nightlife

What are the fun things to do in Boise? Take your pick in this buzzing magnet for music, entertainment, dining, nightlife, art, and general cultural hubbub.

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Like variety? You'll like living in Boise. Boise's climate has four distinct seasons that are pretty even in length, with plenty of opportunities for diverse outdoor recreation and entertainment in each one. Learn how to enjoy the best of Boise all year long.

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Wondering about Boise schools? Learn how Idaho stacks up against other states and what it's like to get an education in the Treasure Valley. We also list some of the top-rated schools for elementary, junior and senior high, alternative schooling options, and higher education.

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Real Estate

What makes living in Boise special? Some recent Boise transplants give you two good reasons: cost of living and quality of life. Take a stroll through Boise and surrounding areas.

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Business Opportunities

Starting and growing a business in Boise is easier than you might think. Learn about what it's like to start or grow a business in the city of trees, and the great resources available to help local businesses succeed.

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How bad are commute times in Boise? You'll see brake lights now and then, but the average one-way commute for those working in Boise is 17 minutes. That's 31% less than the national 25-minute average. Learn more about commute and public transportation options.

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Shopping and Dining

Get the full scoop on Boise restaurants and bars, great grocery stores, and a market scene that you can't pass up. Consider this your free sample.

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Boise Snopes

Are there alligators in Idaho? We put this and other Idaho facts, myths, and urban legends to the test. How much do you really know about Idaho?

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Diversity and Cultural Demographics

Surprised to know that Boise has the largest Basque population outside of Spain? Learn who lives in Boise and what factors are shaping the culture in the biggest metropolitan hub in Idaho.

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Crime in Boise

Did you know that Boise landed the No. 7 spot on Business Insider's list of 20 Safest Cities in America? Get the full scoop on safety in the City of Trees.

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