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Need a time tracker for Mac?

A simple time tracking app for businesses powered by Mac

TSheets functions as an OS X time tracker for Mac users. Employees can quickly clock in and out from a computer, an iPhone, or an iPad for easy, accurate timesheets. Admins can manage and approve cloud-based time cards with ease and sync employee hours to their favorite accounting or payroll tools. If you’re in the market for an intuitive time tracking app for Mac, look no further.

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Optimized for Smartphones

Timesheets in the palm of your hand

Take time cards with you wherever you go with the TSheets time tracking app for iPhone. Employees can track time from their smartphones, and management teams can edit and approve timesheets with the click of a button from theirs. TSheets can be configured to send notifications and alerts in-app and online. Remind employees of their shifts, to clock in or out, and even to submit time for payroll.

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TSheets, the highest-rated time tracking and scheduling solution for Mac.

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Mac time tracker running on iMac.

GPS Tracking

Know where your employees are working

The TSheets time tracker app for Mac has built-in GPS employee tracking technology. Employers can easily see where their employees are working when they’re on the clock. As long as employees are clocked in, locations are recorded. Whether your employees are on the road or the job site, you’ll know it. Never again wonder if everyone was in the right place at the right time.

Who’s working employee view.

“Who’s Working” Window

A map view of who’s on the clock at any given time

Not sure which employees are clocked in at the moment? On your Mac or iPhone, view a list of employees who are clocked in, with the TSheets Who’s Working window. When teams are in more than one place at a time, the Who’s Working feature really comes in handy. With instant information at your fingertips, your management team can organize the workforce and ensure people are where they’re needed and every project or customer is taken care of.

Scheduling window on Mac.

Schedule by Shift or Job

Create, edit, and share schedules

Scheduling can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when your business has multiple locations and a mobile workforce. TSheets’ employee scheduling is an easy way for employers to schedule teams in real time for any specified job or shift. Schedules are instantly shareable and include notifications that can be used to remind employees of their shift. When everyone is on the same page, there’s little room for scheduling error.

TSheets is a time tracking app for Mac and so much more!

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