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Editing time in QuickBooks Online just got easier

For customers who use TSheets and QuickBooks Online, we’ve eliminated the need to delete timesheets in QuickBooks Online after they’ve been edited. Now, when you edit and save timesheets in TSheets, they will automatically update in QuickBooks Online. No more duplicate time entries!

How to add, edit, and delete time in QuickBooks Online

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Filter and customize your timesheet list

We’ve given the timesheet list a makeover. Timesheets can now be grouped and sorted by date! Select a date range to quickly locate an employee’s past timesheets, view more details (like locations, facial recognition photos, or photo attachments), or make changes. Managers can now switch between their timesheets and their employees’ timesheets with just one touch.

How to navigate and use the new timesheet list

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Add pictures to your timesheets

You asked. We listened. Now, employees can attach photos to their timesheets directly from our mobile app! Take before-and-afters of the job site, document evidence of broken equipment or missing parts, or share images of happy customers after a job well done. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

5 ways visual record-keeping increases productivity and accountability

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TSheets now integrates with RUN Powered by ADP®

Effortlessly sync employee hours and time off between ADP RUN and TSheets accounts. Follow our step-by-step instructions to connect your accounts today!

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Biometric facial recognition verifies who’s clocking in

Buddy punching costs US business owners $373 million each year. To curb time theft and buddy punching, TSheets Time Clocks now include facial recognition, a hands-free, biometric solution that needs no additional setup or hardware. Best of all, it’s free!

Enable time clocks to take photos of employees as they clock in and out, and our facial recognition functionality will flag and alert admins to any photos that don’t look right. Photos are recorded on employee timesheets for review at any time. It’s just another way TSheets gives you the most accurate time records.

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