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Spanish translation

¡Esta aquí! A Spanish translation for the TSheets mobile app has launched. The first release is for Android. An iOS release is coming soon. To enable the feature, simply change your Android’s default language setting to Spanish. The TSheets app will automatically translate.

Track unpaid time off

You can now track unpaid time off in TSheets. Just like paid time off, unpaid time off can be tracked on timesheets and synced with QuickBooks to ensure accurate reporting and payroll. It’s especially helpful for customers looking to be compliant with state and local regulations around tracking unpaid time off. Set up unpaid time off.

Timesheet signatures

Clients and customers can literally sign off on work within the TSheets app. Timesheet signatures allow employees using the mobile app to attach signatures to their timesheets. Want to try it? Contact us to join our beta test! Once you get access, you can add and view timesheet signatures.

ADP logo

ADP WFN integration update

Two features with our ADP Workforce Now® integration have been updated. PTO hours can now be sent directly to ADP. Additionally, businesses with multiple locations (and multiple TSheets accounts) can sync to one ADP account with multi-company access.

Geofencing is now live

Get ready for increased accountability and transparency at work with geofencing. When an employee using the TSheets mobile app enters or leaves a job site, the app will notify them to clock in or out. Clock in and clock out times will be captured when the employee enters and exits the pre-set geofence. To turn it on, just log into your account, click on ‘Feature Add-ons’ on the left panel of your dashboard, select ‘Manage Add-ons’, find ‘Geofencing’ and hit ‘Install’.

Assign Custom Field Items to employees

For businesses that have multiple groups, teams, or individuals with specific jobs or functions to track time against, Custom Field Item mapping makes clocking in quicker and more accurate. Assigning custom field items allows employees (or employee groups) to only view and track time for items made specifically for their role or job. Assign and restrict Custom Field Items now!

Autosync TSheets and QuickBooks Online

Once you integrate your TSheets and QuickBooks Online accounts, information between the two apps will sync automatically. Say goodbye to the sync button! Got a new customer you need to work on right away? Just enter their information in QuickBooks and your team can start tracking time for the work in TSheets.

Add your company logo

Here’s another way to make TSheets your own. Upload your company’s logo to personalize your account. It’s quick and easy. Just follow this step-by-step guide.

Invite employees via text

For mobile users, it is now easier than ever to add employees to TSheets. Invite employees via text message. Just make sure the employee’s cell number is on file, so texting becomes their default invitation method.

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