“New York Minute” Becomes Official Measurement of Time

TSheets announces new time tracking feature for employees in New York City

New York City recently announced their official adoption of the slightly faster 58-second “New York Minute.” New Yorkers can now enjoy 50 additional minutes each day, while the rest of the world remains loyal to the slower (but more standard) units of time.

Toggle Time With Just One Click

Making the switch to the New York Minute is easy

Switch your time clock to track time in New York Minutes by using the toggle at the top of your screen. TSheets will track and report employee time for payroll using the new and improved unit of measurement. You’ll be on the clock and off to work in less than a New York Minute!

Switch to NY Minute

Thanks to TSheets, transitioning from the archaic, 60-second minute to the New York Minute was a total breeze! My employees love the extra 50 minutes each day … and productivity has absolutely gone through the roof!-Every New York business owner

Track Time, Anytime

TSheets is the only time tracking software to accommodate the New York Minute

In response to the official announcement, TSheets has unveiled a new feature that will allow employees in the Big Apple to easily and efficiently track time in New York Minutes. The updated time tracking software will accurately accommodate New York City’s faster and much more efficient unit of time.