Billing and invoicing made easy with online time tracking

Time Tracking and Invoicing Software

Tracking time isn’t just about billing, it’s about running and operating your business with purpose so you can make educated business decisions. – Dawn Brolin, CPA, MSA, Pro We Trust

Track Time for Invoicing in QuickBooks

TSheets makes invoicing employee time faster and easier in QuickBooks.

Tracking time with TSheets is an easy way to streamline invoicing and get paid faster. Simply track employee hours in TSheets using your preferred method, approve and export time into QuickBooks. The time you have imported will appear on the “Time by Name” or “Time by Job” reports and include columns that are billable, unbilled, and non-billable. Finish with the QuickBooks invoicing feature by selecting “Add Employee Time” and, voila, real-time invoicing is at your fingertips.

Easy 1-click timesheet sync for invoicing

Online Invoicing with TSheets

Not a QuickBooks user? Not a problem. Use TSheets’ simple invoicing instead.

If you don’t need to export employee time into QuickBooks, then TSheets’ Invoicing Add-on is a great option for simple invoicing. Get started by marking the clients and job codes in TSheets as “billable” and specifying the billable rate for each. Then “Install” the Invoicing Add-on (in Company Settings), and you’re ready to generate an immediate invoice with as much or as little labor detail as you would like.

Simple online invoicing with TSheets

Managing Your Labor Resources

Do you know where your employee time is allocated?

For many businesses, labor is the largest expense. While using an online time tracker will save you money on payroll, TSheets also helps by providing the labor detail you need to make better business decisions. TSheets provides you with the labor information you need for accurate (and real-time) job costing, to plan for (or prevent) employee overtime, for timely invoicing, payroll forecasting, strategic decision making and more.

Accurate job costing for payroll forecasting and invoicing

Time Tracking and Value Billing

Value billing is a choice, but tracking time is a necessity.

Value Billing (a.k.a Value Pricing) is becoming more widely used in service industries, especially the accounting industry. The goal of value billing is to set the expectations of the client and the value they will receive from the service provider, instead of focusing on fees. This is a great opportunity for businesses to improve profitability especially when tracking their time. Instead of focusing on covering payroll, use the data to enhance your level of profitability and legally protect yourself in cases of material participation for taxes or employee labor disputes.

I can’t say enough about this program. Since I started using it, I have increased my billable time more than 35% and this makes it so simple to use. – RetailPoint from Lakewood Township, NJ

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