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One-Click Timesheet Export to Xero is Here

See for yourself! What once took hours now takes just a few minutes...

  • Eliminate manual data entry and costly mistakes
  • Sync to Xero with just one click
  • Effortlessly create accurate invoices

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"Seamless Integrations"

The integration between Xero and TSheets is just how integration should be — easy-to-use, accurate and time-saving. We have now been using TSheets for over four months. It is working for us beautifully.— Ben Dudley, Doctors Accounts Services Photo of Ben Dudley, Doctors Accounts Services

"Big Cost Savings"

TSheets and Xero has saved time for me and my clients. The staff can clock their hours and location, the manager can then approve that time in TSheets to be exported straight into Xero for easy processing— Sarah-Jane Bishop, BAS Agent and Bookkeeper Photo of Sarah-Jane Bishop, BAS Agent and Bookkeeper

You'll love TSheets + Xero. Here's why.

No more manual data entry

Export employee hours tracked in TSheets to Xero with just one click! No more manual data entry, no more wasted time double- and triple-checking your numbers and no more costly mistakes.

Save hours running payroll

Eliminate the hassle of tracking down and entering data from physical timesheets. TSheets gives you accurate hours for billing and invoicing and saves you hours processing payroll.

Create and edit invoices

With TSheets + Xero, invoices are automatically populated with employee hours tracked against specific jobs or customers. Customise the invoice to your liking, then sync to Xero with just one click.

Gain real-time insight

With TSheets, detailed employee time data is always readily available. Use it to determine profitability, forecast payroll, create bids with confidence and make accurate estimates for new jobs.

Xero in on accurate and easy timesheets with TSheets

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Saves Hours on Processing Employee Payroll

Syncs with Xero Accounting and Payroll

TSheets integrates directly with Xero Accounting globally, and Xero Payroll in the United States and Australia. Sync accurate timesheet data and invoices with a single click. You can even edit timesheets and invoices in Xero, if necessary.

Screenshot of TSheets desktop and phone.

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In-app Scheduling

TSheets Scheduling allows you to save even more time on back office tasks. Quickly and easily schedule employees by job or by shift. Drag and drop new jobs, and edit your schedule on the go. Employees can clock in to their scheduled job directly from their smartphones.

TSheets Scheduling screenshot on desktop and mobile.

Everything You Need to Track Time

TSheets comes standard with all the extras: GPS location tracking, overtime alerts, breaks and lunch deduction options, real-time reports and access to unlimited, free support by phone, chat or email.

Screenshot of TSheets employee GPS tracking.

Only Pay for Actual Users

Good News: You Only Pay for Actual Users

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3 Reasons to Choose TSheets:


Just Pay-Per-User – No bloated, overpriced monthly plans with wasted users. Simply select the number of employees you want to track time for.


Accurate, Honest Time Tracking – No worrying about employees reporting inaccurate timesheets. Our tools do all the work for you.


One-Click QuickBooks Sync – Use your favorite QuickBooks tools to process payroll, calculate job costing, and create invoices in record time!