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Ready for a cloud workflow? The TSheets Masterclass can take you there.

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Cloud nine with TSheets and QuickBooks

Two of your fave solutions are coming together like peanut butter and jelly to resolve your biggest pain points. The best part? We did the hard work so you can enjoy timesheets to payroll in minutes. But there’s more.

Save money

Reduce payroll costs by 6%.

Save time

Process payroll up to three hours faster.

Increase billable time

Bill up to 11% more just by tracking every second worked.

*Based on a survey of 924 businesses that use TSheets for payroll and report savings, conducted by TSheets in January 2018.

Product features

Here’s how TSheets helps your SMB clients manage their workforce

GPS Time Tracker

Keep managers in-the-know and employees on-the-go with increased accountability for all.

Record keeping

Timesheets and payslips must be kept for at least three years. TSheets keeps them forever.

Crew App

Managers or supervisors can clock an entire team in or out, switch jobs and gain insight into the team’s tasks and total hours.

Pay rate engine

Pre-set pay rates to stay on top of labour and overtime.

How it works

Study on your own schedule

Sign up for the introductory course, PRO Fundamentals Certification, then complete modules as your schedule allows. Courses combine videos with interactive content to help you learn fast and retain knowledge.

Test as you go

Complete a short, 20-minute quiz at the end of each module to graduate to the next. You’ll get multiple attempts to pass, and if you get stuck, our PRO Support Specialists are here to help.

Show off your badge

Give yourself a pat on the back for completing your PRO certification. Now, display your Certified TSheetsPRO badge on your website, social media profiles, and anywhere you advertise your services!

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TSheets is an important part of the packaged services I provide my clients. Therefore, it is especially important that I'm certified. It reassures the client that I'm an expert in the product!

Pamela Shaw-Buffin, Pam’s Miracles on Paper
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“Certification in the software we are using is definitely an investment. It helps set me apart and show that I have taken the time to learn that product intimately. It definitely allows me to help my clients better, and it gives my clients confidence that I know that product better than someone who might not be certified.”

Tanya Hilts, Cloud Bookkeeping Services

Level-up your skills

Start with PRO Fundamentals. We’ll show you how to maximize TSheets for your practice and share our favourite TSheets tips and tricks.

Become a PRO Tech. The Tech certification will help you expand your TSheets knowledge into the realm of how to connect, interact with, and troubleshoot some of our most popular integrations.

Move up to PRO Elite. The Elite Partner certification covers all TSheets functionality, from tracking time to selling TSheets to your clients.

Ready to get started?

Find our PRO certification course in the TSheets Learning Center.