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Build Your Value, Be the Trusted Advisor Your Clients Need

Become a Certified TSheetsPRO and be an expert in TSheets time tracking, our integrations, and more — start now, it’s free!

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It’s time to up your game

Over 93 percent of business owners want their accountants to be certified in the software they recommend. Becoming a Certified TSheetsPRO establishes your expertise and can help you earn your clients’ trust. Best of all, our certification course is completely tailored to you and your practice, and it’s always free.

Grow your practice

Learn new skills that set you apart from the competition and help you become an even more trusted advisor for your clients.

Learn at your own pace

PRO certification modules are available on demand, so you can get certified anywhere, anytime.

Make it official

Your Certified PRO badge lets everyone know you’re a TSheets expert! Plus, it comes with the same white-glove support you’re used to.

Discover the benefits of PRO certification









TSheets support staff.

*2017 Stevie Award

Customer Service Dept of the Year

Why get certified?

• Become an expert in TSheets in less than an hour
• Set up and navigate all the features TSheets has to offer your clients
• Manage client accounts, payroll, and reporting
• Find out how TSheets can benefit you and your clients

How it works

Study on your own schedule

Log in to your TSheetsPRO Portal and click the "Certify" tab to access our certification course. Not yet a PRO? Call us at (208) 314-3278 to get registered.

Test as you go

Complete a short, 20-minute quiz at the end of each module to graduate to the next. You’ll get multiple attempts to pass, and if you get stuck, our PRO Support Specialists are here to help.

Show off your badge

Give yourself a pat on the back for completing your PRO certification. Now, display your Certified TSheetsPRO badge on your website, social media profiles, and anywhere you advertise your services!

Level-up your skills

Start with PRO Fundamentals. We’ll show you how to maximize TSheets for your practice and share our favorite TSheets tips and tricks.

Move up to PRO Elite. The Elite Partner certification covers all TSheets functionality, from tracking time to selling TSheets to your clients.

Become a PRO Tech. The Tech certification will help you expand your TSheets knowledge into the realm of how to connect, interact with, and troubleshoot some of our most popular integrations.

Ready to get started?

Find our PRO certification course in the TSheets Learning Center.