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Track PTO and employee leave automatically

Customize your paid and unpaid time-off policies. Prevent miscommunication, missed shifts, and costly payroll errors with the TSheets time-off tracker.

Manage employee time off without all the work

Employee time off is well-deserved, but the effort required to track and manage it is not. Our time-off tracker is available with TSheets Premium and TSheets Elite. We want you to put the calculator, whiteboard, paper calendar, and guesswork away for good. Manage your employees’ leave and vacations with ease.

Gain complete confidence with our time-off features

Request by the hour or day

Employees can request time off by the hour or day and add notes as needed via the mobile app or web dashboard.

Bulk time-off entry

For public holidays, admins or managers can enter bulk time off for multiple or all employees simultaneously.

Direct time-off entry

You can also empower employees to enter their time off directly, without the request-and-approve process.

Current or future PTO balances

Since everyone will know exactly how much time off they have to-date and in the future, you’ll never hear “How much PTO do I have left?” again.

Customizable notifications

Pick and choose the best ways to inform workers and managers throughout the request-and-approve process with email and text alerts.


Approved and direct-entered time off will appear in the calendar view under the Schedule tab. Time-off data is always available digitally, or download a ledger.

Time off screen.

How to set up our PTO tracker

Start by setting up rules to match your time-off policies. Choose your accrual settings, and users will see predicted future balances. Decide whether employees get to enter time off directly or need to use the request-and-approve workflow.

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
  2. Invite your employees to use TSheets.
  3. Give workers permission to request time off.
  4. Approve or deny time-off requests.

Get valuable insights into time-off policies and employee well-being

Saying goodbye to manual tasks is always a win. But the TSheets time-off tracker also provides valuable insights into how employees use their PTO. Only 35% of employees who get PTO use all their time. On average, employees left five days on the table. One in 3 employees says they feel pressured into not taking time off. It’s become clear that unclear policies and inconsistent practices hurt businesses and employees.

Prevent burnout
Anywhere access
Standard practices

Put employee well-being first

More than just for record-keeping, knowing how much time your team is taking off can be a great way to measure burnout and absenteeism. Allowing your employees to bring their best and whole selves to work is a powerful business asset.

Track from mobile and desktop

Mobile teams can submit time-off requests right from their smartphones. Meanwhile, in-office teams can use the mobile app or web dashboard. Admins and managers can approve time off from the web dashboard for maximum visibility.

Streamline the PTO workflow

It’s impossible to stay organized when workers submit time-off requests on post-it notes, over text message, on voicemails, and in casual mentions. Establishing a defined time-off request workflow benefits everyone.

Why tracking employee time off is important for your business

Taking care of those taking care of your business is crucial, whether you have a team of one or 100. Start with “What is paid time off?” to get a better understanding of the coveted benefit. Then learn why some employees prefer more time off instead of a raise. And when you’re ready, we can help you kick off your time-off policy with best practices for eligibility, scheduling, accruals, and management.

Take a break from tracking and managing time off by hand. TSheets does the hard work for you.