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ProAdvisor Cathy Iconis
Name Cathy Iconis
Company Iconis Group
Location Atlanta, GA
Phone (404) 496-8944

Cathy's Story

Cathy Iconis, far from your ordinary wife/mother/CEO, is on a mission to transform corporate America. It's a steep aspiration but one she's tackling with hard work, extensive accounting knowledge and a mix of both humor and humility.

Cathy and the Iconis Group consult industries ranging from commercial real estate to marketing; businesses that are fast-paced with ever-changing environments. Cathy recognizes the importance of good financial decisions for these business owners but also recognizes the need for quick decisions for their on-the-go businesses. Cathy equips her clients with cutting edge technology and customized services to empower them as opposed to a "do as I say" technique.

Cathy's approach is proven to help businesses connect "numbers with their vision" and can all be done in the cloud.

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