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ProAdvisor MB Riamondi
Name MB Riamondi
Company MB Riamondi, CPA
Location Fairfield County, CT
Phone (203) 258-8349

MB's Story

MB's list of credentials (CPA, MS, CITP - just imagine every accounting honor with post-nominal letters and there's a good chance she's earned it) are only a part of her impressive accounting resume. Her extensive background mastering every aspect and version of QuickBooks (she's been a guru since the DOS version) is only another piece of her overall package. If you're lucky enough to land MB as your instructor, troubleshooter, or the answer to your accounting woes- congratulations! You have a 5-star rated Pro for your QuickBooks training and support. Not to mention MB will find the best 3rd party integrations to successfully run your business. Didn't know you needed any 3rd party integrations? Yep, you need to give MB a call.

And there's one more unique detail about MB that truly represents how much she cares about her clients. The "Resource" Section on her website. 'Nuff said. Okay maybe we'll elaborate. On MB's website is a helpful list of valuable 3rd party integration tools (which we already mentioned is a reason why you should call her), but here's the kicker: she also has a section that includes a tool to generate personalized cards for clients. Now you KNOW someone is all about their customers, when they invest in tools to keep the connection personal. And that's MB for you. For all these fantastic reasons, and a million others, we've added MB to our Christmas list AND our ProAdvisor We Trust community.

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