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ProAdvisor Robin Hall
Name Robin Hall
Company VARC Solutions
Location Friendswood, TX
Phone (281) 412-6914

Robin's Story

Would you trust someone who lives in a place called Friendswood, Texas? Me, too! Meet Robin Hall with VARC Solutions who lives in Friendswood, and yes, even works on Friendswood Drive (no joke!). While the VARC offices are a professional and yes, friendly, crew (they even close their offices on Fridays during the summer to provide additional family time to their staff!), make NO MISTAKE they are a powerhouse in the accounting realm. Robin is an Intuit Advisory Board member, and one of the original Intuit Solution Providers, as well as a sought after instructor and speaker. VARC has won multiple awards such as All-Star Awards, Customer Satisfaction Awards, Intuit's Partner of the Year Award and much, much more.

The great thing is, while Robin and the VARC team are definitely friendly and rockstars in the bookkeeping world, they are all about helping you and your business succeed. How? By offering custom bookkeeping and controller services, you can choose what you want or need them to do, so you can get back to doing what you do best. From teaching your existing staff on best bookkeeping practices, to cleaning up and resuscitating your books, to running your complete bookkeeping or finance department - virtually or in person; everyone wins when Robin and her team are involved. So what are you waiting for? Robin and everyone at VARC are ready to put their talents and ingenuity to work for you and your company. Now that's what we call a true friend!

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