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ProAdvisor Seth David
Name Seth David
Company Nerd Enterprises
Location Burbank, CA
Phone (866) 945-8070

Seth's Story

If you're trying to compare Seth David's School of Bookkeeping, School of Business, and soon-to-be-in-sessions of the School of LinkedIn to the typical collegiate rankings, we're telling you, these are among the Ivy Leagues! The "curriculum" found on the Nerd Enterprise website is far from mainstream. Seth has an instructional video library rivaled only by Netflix, and offers loads of e-books and "Advanced Placement" level classes for getting started and using QuickBooks. And the best part? Seth isn't afraid to offer some basic accounting, business, and social media tools and information on his site simply to help people... Why? Because once you experience his teaching style, you can't help but sign up for his next class - whether it be for Accounting/CFO Consulting, Bookkeeping Services, Tech Support, or in-depth QuickBooks Training.

If you're currently being schooled by your competition or maybe your current accounting solution seems more like an independent study catastrophe, we could not be more confident in recommending our favorite Nerd. You can find him all over social media using hilarious hashtags (#talknerdytome) and offering valuable accounting tips and tricks. So sign up and learn from the highly acclaimed School of Seth David, where school is always in session.

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