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Recent Customer Reviews

Take a few minutes and read some recent TSheets love right from our customers.


Integration Help With QBO

El Flaco, Urena Construction & Design 10-18-2018
Jill did a fantastic job assisting me with the integration between TSheets and QuickBooks Online! She made it look easy! Great job Jill!!!

Issue With PTO

Charles, The Collier Group Inc. 10-18-2018
Emily provided professional assistance and resolved our problem. She is both professional and extremely knowledgeable.

I Love TSheets

Faith, To The Point Bookkeeping 10-18-2018
TSheets is awesome. It is so easy to use and when you hit a bump in the road, you can call them and every member of the staff does their very best to help you. Today, I was trying to add an employee and had some questions. I called and spoke with Joy and she walked me through adding him and expla...

Abby Knows Her Stuff

Betsy, Boyne Boat Yard, Inc 10-18-2018
Good to know she is on the other end of the line when we do encounter a problem.

Our Savior

Mark, Technical Operations and Development 10-18-2018
Once upon a time, late one Thursday night (Oct 11th), I was convinced by an unknowing but sweet customer support representative from QuickBooks to integrate QuickBooks with TSheets. She was very excited about it but yet “ill-informed” at my expense, over the repercussions one might expe...


BLSI 10-18-2018
Bridgett....problem solver.

Thank You

Elena, Superior Industrial Mechanical 10-18-2018
Thank you for your help. TSheets saves me so much time!

Friendly And Patient

Lacey, Golden Grove Care Homes 10-18-2018
Kelsey T was extremely friendly and patient. Just a simple password reset, but I didn't realize that was my issue. She did, and walked me through it quickly and easily 🙂

Initial Call

Mark, Synapse Technology Group 10-18-2018
Andrea was patient and knowledgeable. Helped me with my initial questions, pointed me in the right direction for the in depth videos, and made me feel welcome to call back or chat when needed. She was attentive and I did not feel like she wanted to hurry off the phone after answering 1 or 2 questi...

What's Not To Love

Lisa, Weavers Alignment and Tire LLC 10-18-2018
I love the customer service !! The staff is knowledgeable and Devyn was more than willing to help with even the simplest question. I also am so thankful that I don't have a long wait time when I call for support! TSheets is the perfect time tracking software for us. #TSheetsLove

Product Is Great, TSheets Customer Service Is Even Better

Jim, Enable Consulting LLC 10-18-2018
My company is new to TSheets. Employees have been very pleased with the ease of capturing and tracking their time. The company has been happy with the improved performance and cost savings. TSheets is a great product. However the best part about TSheets is the customer support. After upgrading ...

Andrea Was Awesome! Very Patient And Very Thorough!

Mandy, JH Construction 10-18-2018
I started an account with TSheets to use with QuickBooks Online. I hadn't set it up properly and Andrea helped me understand the setup and how it would work with my client base. If the product is half as good as their support, this is a winner! Thanks, you are fabulous!

Very Good Customer Service

Mary 10-18-2018
I worked with Joy over the phone this evening to get an employee's time sheets unlocked. She was friendly and efficient in handling my request.

Loved Working With Nathan!!

Tiffany 10-17-2018
It was such a pleasure working with Nathan today! He was an absolute angel! Thank you Thank you, TSheets and Nathan!! Love Tiffany 😀

Shout Out To Bridgett Z.

Kimberly S., CWR Technologies 10-17-2018
On Monday,10/15/18, Bridgett spent an HOUR on the phone with me, helping to resolve several issues I've just been letting slide for a while. She also helped me fix some new problems with syncing to QuickBooks. In a small business, sometimes there are multiple people working to get things done a...

TSheets Customer Help

Emmy, RLR LLP 10-17-2018
Gina has been amazing to work with for two weeks in a row, couldn't have done this without her help! #TSheetslove

Da Bom.com

Kevin, Grabeel Construction LLC 10-17-2018
Emma was a super fantastic. She helped me unlock a time card and get it adjusted super quick.

Great Service

Abby, Riverbend Signworks 10-17-2018
Jen gave me great service and answered all of the questions I had! Nothing but a great experience with all TSheets employees so far.

Office Manager

Mandy Baker, Easter Star 10-17-2018
We went live with TSheets several weeks ago but prior to the roll out I along with our TSheets rep Tyler Lorona spent months and numerous phone calls setting up our TSheets account. As a nursing home facility with numerous shifts and departments this was not an easy task. Tyler's instruction wa...


Christina 10-17-2018
Sada in Customer Support is awesome!! She helped me so much and was so kind!!

Join Me Call With Jan

Jessie, EdConsult, LLC 10-17-2018
Jan was amazing! She walked me through very quickly and answered all of my questions. I now feel like a TSheets Pro!!

Emily The Great

Mandi, Dans Air 10-17-2018
I was struggling with timesheet editing when Emily came to my rescue. She was both knowledgeable and enthusiastic to get my employees back on track and paid. Thank you so much Emily and TSheets for providing such excellent customer support and a great product.


Jerrod, Infrastructure Solutions Group, LLC 10-17-2018
I already knew the integration of QuickBooks and TSheets was going to take some time on my end but after calling and speaking to speaking to Andrea and Celeste with TSheets customer service, this has become a breeze. Amazing customer service with great results! Tracking employee time has never been so easy.

Mandy! Like Family...

Adrienne, Rackedout 10-17-2018
Mandy! I honestly don't know what to say! It felt like I was talking to a family member. She took me through the problems that needed the most attention, trained me on how to avoid any future problems and I swear I could HEAR the smile on her face the whole time. She was such a joy and so was t...

Best Customer Service

Julie, Elite Electric 10-17-2018
Seriously amazing customer service. It's one of the biggest benefits when searching for and deciding on a software to help manage my company's jobs. Their CS is super fast, friendly, and most importantly - knowledgeable. And you don't pay extra for that!

Mandy Is The BEST!

MelissaFromVector, Vector Solutions, Inc. 10-17-2018
I had the privilege of working with Mandy this morning. She was not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable, speaking to her was a pleasure and will be a bright spot in my day. Thank you TSheets for employing such a wonderful person!


Washmore, CCI 10-17-2018
Jen was awesome. She seemed genuinely happy to help and it seemed she genuinely was happy at at work!


Tonya Mizell 10-17-2018
Their customer service is AWESOME! I needed help with my account and the first think I noticed that was amazing was that I didn't have to jump through hoops just to have them access my account. They already knew who I was from my information. I was transfered to the proper department in no ti...

So Far....

Kit, Amereco, Inc. 10-17-2018
I'm on my 3rd day with setting up TSheets for the company. So far, the customer service has been fantastic. Sydney and Andrew both exceeded expectations with their assistance. They both were thoughtful and creative in finding ways to integrate the TSheets system to our company's use and ...

Financial Controller

Amy, Nampa Christian Schools 10-17-2018
We are loving TSheets. It saves us a ton of time on payroll and it's super easy for our employees to clock-in and out. Our success coach Dawn Smith is super amazing. She is always super positive, quick to respond to any questions, and made sure we were set up for success!Thank you!

Amazing Customer Service

Timille Nanan, Temp Tec Limited 10-17-2018
The service since I recently started using is excellent, I always get my questions answered with a prompt and efficient response.

General Satisfaction

Rachel, Namaste New York 10-17-2018
DeAnna was simply very pleasant and helpful with above satisfactory service thoroughly! Customer service/experience is a dying art, as much as it is crucial to overall company retention/support/success and my experience thus far has not only impressed, but has me excited to start this work relationship moving forward!

Great Online Help!

Joe, Liddy Legal Support Services 10-17-2018
Every time I have needed support they have been fast and extremely effective at solving any issue I might have. Today Brook and Emma R. both assisted me and helped to make a stressful day much easier.

Primary Contact

Ligia, New Image Building Services LLC 10-16-2018
I am fairly new to TSheets and so far I love everything it has to offer. The main reason why I love TSheets is the success coach program that TSheets provides to help you andguide you through the process of learning everything in TSheets. Having someone to answer my many questions I am very lucky. ...


Tom Buske, Tom Buske & Son Construction 10-16-2018
DECKER HINCKLEY was very helpful and patient with us explaining how to us TSheets. We give him 5 Stars!

Great Job!

Pat, Thomas Custom Docks 10-16-2018
Bobbie took care of all my questions, very quickly, thanks Bobbie!!


Saada, Western States Home Health 10-16-2018
Thank you, Jen, your help on how to navigate TSheets through how to approve time report was so easy to understand. Great Job! We love TSheets!

User Friendly And Fantastic Support From TSheets!

Tayler Osmond, CFO, Island West Coast Developments Ltd 10-16-2018
We are just starting our journey with TSheets but to date the TSheets team has been fantastic in assisting us with getting up and running! The thing I like most about TSheets so far is that is very customizable to our needs and I have yet to find an issue that couldn't be handled by simply changing a few settings.

Timesheet Reports

Anita, Early Growth Financial Services 10-16-2018
I just wanted to say thanks to Jen for walking me through the reports section and being courteous and upbeat in the process!

Mandy, "The Human Factor"

L Nugent, Strategy Consulting Team 10-16-2018
Learning and navigating a new system is always a challenge. Especially when you are trying to juggle multiple applications and learning while you go. Today, I called for support with a timesheet and QuickBooks question. The representative I spoke with was superb. I could not have asked for a better ...


Gigi 10-16-2018
AWESOME! Samantha was a wonderful help and made it very very easy!!!

Amazing Customer Service

BBB, Boulder’s Best Bid 10-16-2018
THANK YOU EVENCIO!!!Your customer service is amazing, always showing me ways to save me time in employee time tracking and reports.SO THANKFUL FOR TSHEETS!!

Kathryn Is AWESOME!

Angela, Servpro of Freehold 10-16-2018
Kathryn called to help us with a browser issue. She was super friendly and resolved the issue. We love using TSheets here and its nice to know that when an issue occurs, there is someone there to help and make you feel like a priority! Thank you for the great service and customer support!

Andrea Is Awesome

Jackie, Home Effects LLC 10-16-2018
I had a few questions about QuickBooks Integration & Andrea was very helpful & fun, walking me through the entire process!!!

Five-star Customer Service

Darcy 10-16-2018
I must say Emily P is awesome at customer service. I ran into an issue with TSheets' mobile app and, after a lengthy chat with her, we concluded the issue couldn't be easily fixed. She was very patient with answering my many questions. Keep it up, #EmilyP!

Live Chat

Brady, Dan Brady Painting 10-16-2018
Emma R. from Live Chat ROCKS!! Helped figure the issue in simple, "not-too-tech" terminology...very helpful and patient! Highly Recommend!

Approval Issues

Nicole, Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate 10-16-2018
Sada was awesome in helping solve an approvals report issue. She was super helpful and friendly & was very pleasant to talk to while we were waiting for different screens to load!

TSheets Time Sheets And Support

Charles, The Collier Group Inc. 10-16-2018
Ellie the tech representative from TSheets, provided me with outstanding service by assisting me in reconciling some problems I had with my TSheets account. Ellie was very professional and is very knowledgeable.

Great Support

Tom, Sugar Creek Remodeling LLC 10-16-2018
# TSheetslove - Thanks Luci! You guys are always there when the integration with QuickBooks needs some help. I really appreciate that you have always been there to help fix things when ever I need help! This service is what separates a great company partner from the so-so companies that seem to be out there and somehow stay in business.

Syncing TSheets With Quickbooks

Rhett, Creekside Custom Builders 10-16-2018
Was having trouble getting payroll info to sync. Devyn was great, walked me right through it and it works flawlessly!