10 Signs Your Client Needs TSheets

Keep an eye out for clues that your client could use better time tracking and scheduling!

As a trusted advisor, you’re in a position to recommend solutions to your clients that will save them time and money — and their sanity! How will you know if TSheets is a good fit for a client? Watch for the telltale signs to identify where a client could save significant time and money by switching from paper timesheets and Excel spreadsheets to cloud-based time tracking and scheduling.Your client has hourly employees.

1. Your client has hourly employees

Accurately tracking employee hours is one of the biggest ways clients with hourly employees can cut costs and more effectively manage their labor hours. The American Payroll Association estimates that the simple act of switching to cloud-based time tracking from paper timesheets will save 2-8 percent on gross payroll costs alone.

And that doesn’t even factor in the time saved going from manual data entry to syncing employee hours seamlessly with accounting software. Or the fact that your client will be cutting paychecks based on actual hours worked — not timesheets rounded up to the nearest hour or padded with a few minutes at the end of a lunch break.

See for yourself! This calculator shows just how much your client could save by using TSheets.

Your client has mobile employees.

2. Your client has mobile employees

The workplace is becoming more fluid. At any given time, most companies have employees who work from home, telecommute, or spend part of the day on the road. And for many professionals, such as service providers and general contractors, hardly any portion of the day is spent in the office. Keeping track of their mobile employees can be a logistical nightmare. But that’s where TSheets comes in.

TSheets’ mobile apps can be installed on iPhones and Android devices. Imagine it: Your employees carrying their time clocks in their pockets. And they can do more than clock in and out. Employees can also switch job codes, leave notes on their timesheets, and submit time for review. The best part? There’s no internet connection required!

Your client has employees in multiple locations.

3. Your client has employees in multiple locations

Managing employees across multiple locations can feel like trying to be in several places at once. Are your shifts or jobs covered as planned? Did everyone clock in on time or stay through the end of their shift?

With TSheets, your clients don’t have to spread their time thin keeping tabs on multiple locations throughout the day. They can simply open the “Who’s Working” view and expand/collapse each location to see employees who clocked in as scheduled and who are currently on the clock.

Your client uses QuickBooks.

4. Your client uses QuickBooks

Chances are many of your clients use QuickBooks, the No. 1 small business accounting software in the US. TSheets was built to integrate with QuickBooks, to help streamline painful payroll and billing processes. And now, TSheets works inside QuickBooks Online, so time tracked in TSheets (for customers, jobs, classes, or service items) syncs with QuickBooks Online for easy review and approval. Time from TSheets exports directly to QuickBooks Desktop too, where time data can be used for payroll, invoicing, job costing, and more.

Everyone knows time is money, so if your client uses QuickBooks, TSheets can help them eliminate paper timesheets, spreadsheets, and manual time entry for good!

Your client is considering geofencing

5. Your client is considering geofencing

Geofencing seems like a great idea in theory, but the expense and time commitment required — not to mention the upkeep — can put a serious drain on your client’s resources. By offering an alternative to geofencing, like TSheets, you can help your client save time and money, and their sanity. The average cost for a mid-range app can run between $50,000 and $150,000 — and that’s just the upfront expense.

Luckily, time tracking software with GPS technology is an easy-to-use, cost effective solution that actually out performs geofencing in many cases. Even with all the pros and cons of geofencing, TSheets is still a simple and viable alternative to geofencing.

Your client is considering expensive GPS tracking devices.

6. Your client is considering expensive GPS tracking devices

GPS tracking devices for company vehicles can cost hundreds or upwards of thousands of dollars to implement and maintain. They’re also notoriously buggy, which can defeat the entire point of GPS tracking in the first place.

If your client is considering expensive GPS tracking devices for company vehicles, or simply needs an inexpensive way to stay in sync with mobile employees, TSheets is an excellent alternative. Read more about GPS tracking with TSheets.

Your client is paying considerable overtime expenses.

7. Your client is paying considerable overtime expenses

Overtime can be one of the biggest drains on expenses, especially when it’s unexpected. And while many companies see this as an unpleasant but inevitable aspect of business, tracking employee time with TSheets can add significantly better visibility to overtime hours.

Your client needs to meet DCAA requirements

8. Your client needs to meet DCAA requirements

The requirements for DCAA/DOL compliance can be daunting. And most of the runaround comes down to accurate, daily timesheets. If your client needs to meet DCAA/DOL requirements for government contracts, TSheets can be a lifesaver.

Cloud-based time tracking makes it easy to approve and submit time at the end of each day. The technology also includes daily reminders that can alert employees to turn in their timesheets for approval — eliminating the need to constantly chase down forgetful employees.

Your client needs a scheduling solution.

9. Your client needs a scheduling solution

Employee scheduling software that works hand in hand with a quality time-tracking component is hard to come by. That makes TSheets an incredible solution for any client who needs scheduling software plus the additional benefits of easy time tracking. And best of all, these two features function from the same app.

Whether your client needs scheduling for repeating shifts, for an ever-changing docket of jobs, or as a solution for employees on the go, TSheets has them covered — with time tracking to boot. Learn more about TSheets Employee Scheduling software.

Your clients prefer a traditional punch clock

10. Your clients prefer a traditional punch clock

If your client’s entire workforce needs to clock in from a single location, TSheets Time Clock Kiosk is the answer. The TSheets Time Clock Kiosk functions like a traditional employee punch clock, but without the paper timecards and bulky hardware. In fact, like TSheets apps can be installed on cell phones, you can turn any tablet or desktop into a time clock kiosk. Employees can clock in and out in less than 12 seconds, and they can even submit their hours for payroll. Clients worried about buddy punching? No problem. TSheets Time Clock Kiosk is biometric and uses photo capture and facial recognition that can alert admins if an employee isn’t who they say they are.

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