How One Company Unlocked Employee Pay Before Payday

Activehours + TSheets = Early payday for employees, without hefty fees

Kennedy Painting uses TSheets for time and Activehours for payday

Kennedy Painting out of beautiful St Louis, MO, paints the town with excellence and hard work. Founder and Owner, Sean Kennedy, along with Schedule Coordinator, and all-around Manager Guru, Marisa Boxdorfer, needed security and flexibility for tracking time and paying employees, without the need for more paper. Now, with the integration between TSheets and Activehours, employees are able to manage their time, and unlock their earned pay on the fly.

Kennedy Painting needed something that gave their employees the ability to track and manage their own time from anywhere. Giving their employees the ability to access the money they earned before payday was the icing on the cake. Enter the Activehours/TSheets integration.

So what is Activehours and why is this integration great news for employees? As intuitive as it is capable, the app provides the simple process of turning hours worked into money in the bank. After downloading the ActiveHours mobile app for iPhone or Android, employees are able to login into their TSheets account from within Activehours and have their timesheet sent immediately. Once completed, each employee selects hours to cash in, and their money deposits directly into their bank account.

The seamless integration between TSheets Time Tracking and Activehours gives the ultimate flexibility and freedom to each employee. By tracking their time, the employees then have the option to unlock their pay and cash in their earned pay anytime. With a price tag of only what you think is fair, this integration is unbeatable.

Activehours and TSheets user Marisa Boxdorfer

This is a great app and service to offer employees. With both iPhone and Android integrations now live, everyone in the company can now use Activehours! Marisa Boxdorfer, Kennedy Painting

Submit time and cash in directly from mobile app
Submit time and cash in directly from mobile app
Submit time and cash in directly from mobile app

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