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Free bi-weekly timesheet template

Download our free bi-weekly 2019 timesheet template to track employee hours, overtime, vacation days, and more.

How to use the bi-weekly timesheet template

The bi-weekly timesheet template is a semimonthly, or two-week, timesheet for tracking employee time. The template is printable and optimized for Excel. Use our bi-weekly timesheet template for employee hours, overtime, vacation days, and even lunch breaks.

Want to do away with manually tracking and entering time for payroll? TSheets is an online time tracking solution, available free for two weeks. Use TSheets accurate time tracking to grow your business and better manage employees.

Step 1: Download the bi-weekly timesheet template of your choice. Please note, values on XLS files can be filled in on your computer. Make a copy of the Google Sheet to fill in values on your computer. If you’re using the Google Sheet online, “Total (Hours)” will need to be added manually based on clock in/out times. Hours, rates, and sub-total formulas will calculate automatically. Word and PDF files are read-only, so print a paper copy for best results.

Step 2: Fill in your employee’s name, their manager, your company’s name, the pay period start date, your employee’s standard pay rate, and your employee’s overtime pay rate.

Step 3: Employees can fill in the day, date, job/shift, job/shift code, their time in/out (including breaks), and any remaining hours (overtime, sick, holiday, and vacation).

Step 4: When it’s time to hand the timesheet in, employees sign the top of the form. Managers can then calculate the employee’s total time for payroll.

Government compliance checklist

Before using any timesheet, we highly recommend checking to ensure you and your employees are adhering to government compliance guidelines. Here are three of the most common laws being broken, though there are many to be aware of. To avoid any trouble (and paying out too much on payroll), consider these important questions.

Internships: Undergraduates know they need them, and many businesses wish they could take on more participants. Because having interns is like having free labor, right? Not according to the FLSA, which states employers must classify and pay interns unless certain employer-intern criteria are met. Failing to pay interns could land you with a wage and hour lawsuit.

Do your interns meet the criteria for payment? Read on to brush up on your FLSA education.

If your employees are working off the clock, you could be at risk for an FLSA lawsuit. Even if your employees are just responding to emails or answering your weekend text messages, if they’re working, they should be compensated, especially if they’re nonexempt and qualify for overtime pay.

Don’t let off-the-clock work land you in a courtroom. Read more about preventing off-the-clock work.

If you don’t know the difference between exempt and nonexempt employees, your records might not be up to date, which means you’re on your way to trouble with the FLSA. Keeping sloppy or inaccurate records regarding employee classification and employee time worked puts you at risk. But accurate records are your best defense in any potential FLSA lawsuit.

Accurate records are the most important thing you can do to avoid an FLSA lawsuit. We’ll show you why.

More templates and timesheet options

Interested in handy timesheet solutions from TSheets? Here are four more timesheet solutions for you to try.

TSheets timesheet software is a time tracking solution in the cloud.

Timesheet software

TSheets timesheet software is a cloud-based time tracking solution. Accurately track time against employees, jobs, or materials. For mobile workforces, GPS enables you to see who’s working where, at any time. No more guesswork. Precision timesheets.

TSheets timesheet software is a cloud-based time tracking solution.

Time card calculator

This time card calculator is useful for the unique needs of both managers and employees. Employees can easily calculate their expected pay for the week based on their hours worked. Managers can calculate break times and overtime options.

Download bi-weekly timesheet templates for Excel, and other formats.

Weekly timesheet template

This weekly timesheet template for Google Spreadsheets, Adobe Reader (PDF), Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel is free and easy to use. The template factors in your employees’ breaks, lunches, and in/out times.

TSheets timesheet software is a cloud-based time tracking solution.

Bi-weekly time card calculator

This bi-weekly time card calculator tracks two weeks of work at a time. Tracking time on a bi-weekly (or semi-monthly) basis means your payroll department saves time on processing. Submitting timesheets and reviewing documents less frequently gives your team more time to perfect processes that grow the business.

Experience the difference automated time tracking from TSheets makes—free for 14 days!