TSheets is saving us $40,000 a year

Find out how time tracking transformed a Chicago painting company

Find out how time tracking transformed Capital Painting - a Chicago painting company.

Capital Painting is a small business that works on big projects.

They have clients all over Chicago and northern Illinois—including some names you’ll know. Allstate Insurance, CBRE property developers, and several state and federal agencies all use Capital Painting.

If you’re ever looking for an industrial or residential painting firm in that area, you should definitely look them up.

“Being a small company, every bit counts.”

Before Capital Painting started using TSheets to track their time, they were using paper timesheets, which the company’s vice president Mike Miller says was costing them money.

“Just half an hour’s difference over the course of a couple of weeks per employee adds up to what could be thousands of dollars.”

Being a small business, every little bit counts. Mike Miller, VP, Capital Painting

Mike says TSheets is making a big difference for his team by being able to track their time on the go.

“We’re not at the same location every day, and some clients have multiple departments we need to bill, so it makes it really simple just to pull out your phone, push a couple of buttons, and everything’s tracked and organized. It makes it very, very easy, and no one is scrambling at the end of the week to remember what hours they worked.”

Mike also sees a difference in the relationship he has with his employees.

“No one has to babysit.”

“The thing I like is that they can all see where they’re at on hours, so if they need to show up a little earlier one day or work later, it’s on them to do it and no one has to babysit.”

Was there any resistance to the new system?

“At first there were a couple of questions like, ‘Are you going to be tracking me?’ and ‘Will that affect my data package?’ But I was able to reassure them that it’s not a data hog and that it’s only tracking them when they are on the clock. If you are at work, you should be where you say you are anyway.”

“The customer service is phenomenal.”

TSheets mobile app allows tracking of employee breaks and GPS location. Other features that have helped Mike to track time and costs more accurately since he started using TSheets include the new “Take Break” button, which lets employees take lunch and rest breaks.

“I really like that TSheets offers what it says it offers and then some,” Mike explains. “The customer service is just phenomenal. You can actually talk to someone and they are more than willing to help you without passing you along. It’s just awesome.”

Mike also loves the instant payroll reports his office admin runs each pay period. “The payroll reports are really good. When we’re invoicing it makes my admin’s job so much easier and saves her time as well. So there’s another indirect cost saved.”

Mike should also be able to save time when pricing his next job. “If we take measurements of what we’ve been working on and the materials we were working with, we can compare this against the time we’ve tracked and see what production rate we are getting on a particular surface or job,” he says.

Scheduling on Deck

“We are just scratching the surface here of what we can do.”

TSheets’ new scheduling tool could add yet another level of efficiency and profitability to his business.

“I think that’s definitely something we’ll use,” Mike adds. “When we do some of the bigger projects it’s always nice to be able to see what hours you’ve worked against what you’d planned. If you’re able to do that, you have a more realistic view, and that would help especially when bidding on jobs. You can have data to quote them from previous jobs of a similar size or scope, with actual numbers to use instead of estimated time.

“It’s saving us $40,000 a year.”

Mike estimates that TSheets is saving Capital Painting 15 minutes a day per employee.

“So if I were just to take our five guys in the field, over the year that probably works out at close to $40,000. Just from 15 minutes a day. There are other indirect costs we’re saving too. For every dollar you pay in wages you are also paying for workers’ comp, and taxes, so there are other savings too on top of that.”

Will he be taking a well earned vacation with the money he saves?

“No, it will go straight back into equipment, into uniforms, and to help sustain our business,” he says.” If I want to give someone a raise, it could help us do that too.”

Fueling Growth

Mike says ultimately he hopes that TSheets will help his business to grow.

“If you can get one more thing to cut costs and help you be that much more competitive, then in the end, you can get more business.

“It’s really been working well for us. We are a small company, but I’m sure our situation is not unique.”

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