How TSheets + QuickBooks Online Helped This Consultant Increase Billable Time

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Mariann Bottiani, founder of Chaos to Calm Productivity Solutions, loves software.

“I love the idea of doing things easier and more efficiently,” she said. Which is why, in 2011, after 15 years in the business, Mariann made the switch from accounting and bookkeeping to consulting and training. In her opinion, “It’s just more fun!” Plus, it gives her the ability to discover, learn, and teach her clients about all kinds of different software.



Enter TSheets, the World’s #1 Rated and Requested Time Tracking Software

“TSheets came about because I was looking for a time tracking solution for my HVAC clients,” Mariann said. They were using another time tracking software at the time, but it was clunky and inefficient. “There were a lot of steps involved in getting the time data from here to there,” she said, “and that was frustrating for a lot of the workers” — workers who weren’t exactly “computer wizards.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a computer wizard (or even a wizard’s apprentice) to use TSheets. Clocking in, switching jobs, and submitting timesheets for payroll is as easy as just one click. And because TSheets can be found directly inside QuickBooks Online, syncing employee time data is even easier, which makes processing payroll a much simpler task for accountants like Mariann.

TSheets + QuickBooks Online = Speedy Payroll

“We run payroll once a week,” said Mariann. “But I actually like doing payroll … especially since it’s so easy!”

Employees simply track their time in TSheets, and that time automatically appears in QuickBooks Online. From there, Mariann can approve those timesheets and run payroll, all without leaving QuickBooks Online. “It’s a very seamless integration,” she said, “and it’s definitely sped up our payroll process.”

And while TSheets has definitely simplified Mariann’s job, it’s been a lifesaver on the employees’ side as well. “The HVAC employees really like the new system,” she said. “It makes all of us more productive!”

TSheets completely blows our old time tracking system away! It’s definitely sped up our payroll process … It’s more accurate, more productive, and so much more convenient. – Mariann Bottiani,
Founder, Chaos to Calm Productivity Solutions
Mariann Bottiani, Founder of Chaos to Calm Productivity Solutions

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Paper Timesheets

“Paper timesheets are slow and cumbersome, and there’s so much more room for error,” Mariann said.

And she would know. Mariann’s HVAC clients tracked everything on paper: time, jobs, location — you name it. As you can imagine, this wasn’t a very accurate or productive system. Clients weren’t getting charged the right amount, and employees weren’t getting paid the right amount. And if a piece of paper happened to get lost in the process, “it was all over!”

Fortunately, TSheets makes it easy for Mariann’s HVAC clients to change job codes with just the press of a button. “And they’re really good at keeping notes in TSheets throughout the day,” she said. “So it’s really easy to pull that information into QuickBooks to create accurate invoices.

The result? Clients are charged accurately for the exact amount of time spent on the job, and workers are paid for every minute. Not to mention, businesses that use TSheets can charge up to 20 percent more, just by charging for every second worked. And because TSheets stores everything safely and securely in the cloud, time data is secure, accessible from anywhere, and never lost or forgotten.

“They do so many jobs throughout the day,” said Mariann, “so for them to be able to quickly and easily jump from job to job in TSheets — and accurately track their time for each job — is great! It’s more accurate, more productive, and so much more convenient.”

See Who’s Working in Real Time

When it comes to working with small businesses, especially those in the service industry, the owner is integral to business operations. It’s just the nature of the trade. “These guys are extremely good at what they do,” said Mariann, “and they’ve got their hands in everything.”

But one thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is making sure their employees are where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to do.

That’s where the Who’s Working window comes in.

“I love it!” says Mariann. “I always have TSheets pulled up on my desktop. Throughout the day, I can check in and see where all my HVAC guys are and who they’re working with. No matter where I am or where they are, I can call or text them and say, ‘Hey, you forgot to clock out’ or ‘Remember to take a lunch,’ and I love that.”

TSheets’ GPS functionality has even saved the day a time or two. Mariann explained, “When we get a new job, the workers will just enter it as ‘new job’ and fill out the details in the notes. But they sometimes forgot to note the client or location. The GPS functionality is great because I can look back at a worker’s timesheets and see where he was at a certain time and which client he was working on. Without it, I would have to try to get ahold of him and hope he remembers. And I would be in limbo while I waited to find out.”

Put time tracking on the map with GPS

Visual Reports for Attainable Goals

TSheets is more than just time tracking — it’s real-time reporting.

“It’s great to have that nice clean screen in QuickBooks,” Mariann said. “It’s very clear. But it’s also great to get into TSheets and explore those visual reports.”

Every morning, Mariann and her team pull up TSheets and check out the pie charts. “Recently, we realized that 26 percent of our time was going to non-billable hours, so we set a goal to drop that number down to 20. The visual reports in TSheets really help us determine what we need to work on,” she said.

Gain real-time business insight now

There you have it! Thanks to TSheets, Mariann and her HVAC clients are saving time, saving money, and growing their businesses bigger than ever before.

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