TSheets Introduces New Clock In/Out Reminders

Simple Reminders, Significant Game-Changer

Clock In/Out reminders provide a friendly nudge during the work dayTSheets recently announced the much-anticipated addition of customizable Clock In/Out Reminders. These reminders, which can be set at the company level or according to an individual employee’s preference, provide a friendly nudge at the beginning and end of the work day for employees to clock in or out, effectively bumping guesswork and payroll backtracking out of the equation.Clock In/Out Reminders help employees get the most out of the TSheets app, ensure that time spent on the clock is properly accounted for, and save managers and HR time that would otherwise be spent tracking down missed virtual time punches.As the leading employee time-tracking software in the world, TSheets is constantly looking for ways to make life at work easier and more efficient. Clock In/Out Reminders were integrated in response to feedback indicating that a simple reminder twice a day would make a big difference in terms of both improving user experience and speeding up payroll.

We ? employees. Which is why when you asked for Clock In/Out Reminders, we listened. Have another idea for a feature what would make TSheets even better? Visit our Product Ideas page. We would love to hear from you!

Q & A

How Are Clock In/Out Reminders Sent?

Reminders are sent in the form of email, mobile push notifications, or text messages, directly to an employee’s computer or phone.

Who Determines When and How Clock In/Out Reminders Are Sent?

TSheets’ new Clock In/Out Reminders can be set up at company level, so everyone receives the reminder at the same time, or, employees can configure their own reminders by selecting My Profile, and then clicking on the Notifications tab. Every business is different, which is why we made sure to include plenty of options for customization of when and how reminders are sent. Additionally, TSheets will attempt to recognize which employees use the TSheets Mobile App and which employees use text messaging to track their time. This means that all employees using mobile time tracking, with either the app or with text messaging, will be able to utilize the Reminders feature.

Where Can I Find the Clock In/Out Reminders Feature?

Screenshot of clock in/out settings (company)

Existing customers will need to select either Company Settings or their Employee List in order to configure the Reminders setting for their account. You will then have the option to set the reminders companywide (under Company Settings) or individually (through your Employee Editor).

To set the reminders company wide, select Company Settings and then Notifications. From there, you will see the option to set reminders for one or more days of the week.

Screenshot of clock in/out settings (employee)

To set the reminders specific to only certain employees, select Employees from the left hand menu, then choose each employee. From there, select the Notifications tab within the Employee Editor. (For new accounts, the Set Up Wizard will walk you through these options accordingly.)

Will Employees Who Have Already Clocked In or Out Be Sent Reminders? What about PTO?

TSheets will not send reminders to employees who have already clocked in/out for the day. This means that if an employee has already clocked in or out for the day, that employee will not receive a duplicate reminder, saving you time and timesheet edits.

TSheets likewise will not send reminders to employees who have entered PTO for that day.

I Still Have Questions!

We’re thrilled to be rolling out such an exciting feature to our customers, and we are here to answer any additional questions that you might have. Our support team is happy to help you make the most of this new feature.

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