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Make Sure You Get Time Tracking Under Control

Words of Wisdom from the Accounting Rockstar and QuickBooks Guru Herself

It's not every day that a celebrity in the accounting industry falls in love with a product to the extent that she slaps on a logo'd t-shirt and sends an “I ♥ TSheets” videogram.

And we ♥ you too Dawn Brolin!


Here's what Dawn Brolin has to say about us, and our t-shirts (or simply watch the video):

"Hey everybody! My name is Dawn Brolin and I'm here to get the party started.

I gotta tell ya. What I'm really excited about is not just the fact that I'm wearing the softest t-shirt in this whole entire universe, because I am. What I'm excited about is tracking time. I'm excited about those time tracking events giving me information as a business owner myself and certainly a recommender and somebody who my clients really, really look to me for that information on helping them manage their business, TSheets is a natural fit for all of us. For all of us to manage our time.

And I'll tell ya not having to log on to a QuickBooks file and just being able to have a remote application on my phone to manage that time and to manage my business saves me time and saves me money.

I'm certain, 100% certain, that time entry is much more accurate when we're using this mobile application.

So I want to just give a quick shout out to TSheets and say thank you so much for coming up with such an important management tool for me and my clients. So everybody, of course as you're out there making business decisions make sure you get time tracking under control. And once again, softest t-shirt ever in the entire world. Phil Collins in the 80's mdash; love it.

Let's get the party started!”

A little bit about Dawn: Dawn is the powerhouse of the accounting industry. She has made it her mission to find the best cloud technologies and fully integrate them into tax and accounting solutions that work. She's only satisfied when she leaves her clients better than when they arrived.

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