Download The TSheets Time Tracking Guidelines For Your Employee Handbook

We’ve made it easy for your employees to fall in love with TSheets

We've made it easy for your employees to love TSheets with our customizable employee handbook documents.

When your employees track time with TSheets, you save time and money on payroll — it’s just that simple. But getting your employees to actually clock in and out each day can be a bit of a struggle. We get it: Change can be hard!

Alas, you’ll only experience the true time- and money-saving power of TSheets if your employees actually use it. Fortunately, we’ve got an easy way to get your employees on board.

Over the years, we’ve found that employees are way more likely to use and fall in love with TSheets when you formalize company guidelines and put it in your employee handbook.

We’ve even done the heavy lifting for you. Download the TSheets Time Tracking guidelines below (in English or Espanol), enter your company information where indicated, and customize the guidelines to fit your company’s needs. After that, all you have to do is copy and paste it into your employee handbook.

You’ll be saving time and money before you know it.

Download English Version Download Spanish Version

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