How a Tech Company Streamlined and Simplified their Payroll Process

Gusto and TSheets’ time tracking join forces to help small businesses succeed

“Your back office should just work,” says John Holland of Search Strategy Solutions. “It definitely shouldn’t slow you down.”

A great time tracking app for payroll

And yet, Holland says, for years, dealing with back office hassles took precious time away from when he could be running his business. That is, until he discovered new, modern tools like TSheets and Gusto.

President and tech guru, John Holland, found and implemented TSheets’ time tracking to streamline payroll with their simple (and delightful!) payroll software, Gusto. Holland discovered Gusto in the spring of 2013 and said it was like having a financial expert run payroll, and yet, simple enough that it could be handed off to his office manager. “Gusto basically acts as my payroll department,” he said.

When you find two simple things that talk to each other, creating one simple process… it’s just great. Tweet This

Prior to TSheets, Holland’s employees were submitting time via Google spreadsheets and email. However, as their employees increased, he found it was no longer viable. Holland discovered TSheets through a Google search, and said the simplicity of TSheets, the popularity (based on web analytics), and the secure TSheets/Gusto integration all sold him on trying TSheets for employee time tracking for payroll.

For Search Strategy Solutions, implementing TSheets was not financially motivated, but when they looked at the cost, they realized it was a no-brainer. “We definitely hoped it would [save us money] – the economy of TSheets is helping people not waste their time – but I knew it was affordable and worth it. My goal was to streamline and simplify time tracking for payroll through the TSheets/Gusto Integration. When you find two simple things that talk to each other, creating one simple process, it’s just great.”

Timesheet software is notorious for being the worst software – it’s hard to create a good design. TSheets is best of class in a difficult category. Tweet This

Eager to use the integration, Search Strategy Solutions joined the TSheets/Gusto beta offering to receive early access. While setting up the integration, Holland contacted TSheets’ customer experience and said the help he received was fantastic. “I work in the [technology] industry, and it’s typically a long process. Instead, TSheets was practically making a beta integration improvement while I was still on the phone.” As a beta user, Holland reported that it was gratifying to be a part of the process of perfecting the TSheets/Gusto integration: to start with a really easy setup and end with a simple, weekly, one-step time tracking for payroll process.

I like to call these emerging applications ‘Web 3.0,'” says Holland. “They’re an entirely better way of doing things. Tweet This

For Search Strategy Solutions, back office tools like Gusto and TSheets support what needs to get done for their business. “I like to call these emerging applications ‘Web 3.0,'” says Holland. “They’re an entirely better way of doing things.” Their employees have reportedly enjoyed using the time tracking with TSheets, while Holland and his business partner have benefited from the job costing and reporting, being able to see who’s working on what and the overall payroll efficiency.

“When I found TSheets, I did not want to need, or have to pay for, a lot of internal and external payroll support. I buy on quality. Both Gusto and TSheets are quality.”

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