Habitat for Humanity Chooses TSheets for Time Tracking & FLSA Compliance

Affordable Time Tracking for Affordable Housing

Keri Nelson, executive director of the Rockford, IL, Habitat for Humanity, selects TSheets to help with FLSA compliance. TSheets helps Habitat for Humanity prepare for new FLSA regulations.

Habitat for Humanity International was founded on the cornerstone of affordability. The idea was to build simple, decent homes for zero profit, and zero interest to the families in need who purchased them. To date, Habitat for Humanity International has helped more than 6.8 million people find hope, strength, and independence in the form of safe, decent, affordable housing.

Habitat isn’t your typical non-profit. We don’t give services or items away for free — we partner with families to build their homes, and even more importantly, to build hope within their family! Keri Nelson, executive director of the Rockford, IL, Habitat for Humanity

So it was no surprise that when Keri’s team started searching for a new time tracking solution to prepare for the FLSA’s upcoming regulatory changes, they were looking for something affordable. But they were also looking for a solution that was a true partner.

Tracking Time for FLSA Compliance

When we asked what prompted Keri to start looking for a new time tracking solution, she said “Before TSheets, we were using the honor system … seriously!”

She adds, “We honestly weren’t using anything to track our time. We just trusted that everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing.”

What changed all that? The FLSA.

Keri says, “The new FLSA regulations prompted us to find a system that could reliably track our employees’ time. We realized we really didn’t know how many hours our salaried employees were working, and the new salary threshold meant that we had some decisions to make.”

She adds, “As a nonprofit, we budget down to the penny. So when we found out what the new salary threshold was, we knew we needed to be informed about how it was going to affect our bottom line. We don’t receive any federal or state funding, so if we were going to pay our people more, we needed to prepare in advance to raise more money.”

Surprising Findings on Employee Hours

When Keri’s employees started logging their hours with accurate, cloud-based time tracking, they found a few surprises.

Keri says, “We found out that our staff members were putting in WAY more than 40 hours a week!”

Armed with the accurate information of how many hours her employees were working each week, Keri was able to make informed decisions about keeping her employees whole while also complying with new regulations that raise the salary threshold for overtime eligibility sharply.

She says, “The information TSheets provides is extremely powerful for a non-profit like ours!”

How Did Habitat for Humanity Choose TSheets?

When Keri began her search for a time tracking solution, she quickly realized she had a lot of options.

How did she choose TSheets?

She says, “We researched numerous other time tracking systems, and TSheets was our top choice for three reasons. First, we had heard from other branches of Habitat from Humanity who were really happy with the software. Second, TSheets was very cost effective for us. Third, we started a free trial and quickly realized just how easy the system was for our employees and admins to use.”

When we asked Keri about her favorite feature she said, “One of the best things about TSheets is the app you can download on your phone! It’s so easy and convenient for everyone to use, no matter where they are!”

With TSheets, Habitat for Humanity can now see how many hours their salaried employees are working.

More Benefits from Cloud-Based Time Tracking

Keri says, “Not only has TSheets helped us gather accurate information about the amount of time our team members have been putting in so that we can identify compensation gaps for the FLSA–it also adds a new level of accountability and trust within our organization.”

With GPS location tracking, overtime alerts, clock in/out reminders, in-app scheduling capabilities, and integrations with top accounting softwares, TSheets not only helps business owners comply–it also helps them thrive, grow, and do right by their employees.

Keri adds, “TSheets has given us the information and insight we needed to not only determine our budget for next year, but to allow management to see the true commitment of our staff and recognize them accordingly. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

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